Are there orcas in Scandinavia?

The seas around Scandinavia are home to a huge variety of whales, including Orcas, pilot whales, humpback whales, sperm whales, blue whales and even the rare northern bottlenose whales.

Does Norway have killer whales?

Killer Whales – The prime season for killer whales in Norway is November to January but the polar night is too dark to see the whales in December. … Other Whales – Humpbacks, minke and sperm whales can be seen in the fjords and off the coast of northern Norway.

Can you see orcas in Sweden?

However, it does prefer shallow coastal waters and can be seen from shore in many European countries. Britain is considered a stronghold for this species, while it is the focus of attention on whale watching trips in Sweden, Denmark and Germany – especially the island of Sylt (

Are there orcas in Europe?

Across Europe, these cetaceans are declining rapidly. In the Mediterranean and the North Sea, they have vanished. Elsewhere, there are now only eight killer whales in the NW Scotland-Ireland population, and only 36 left in the Strait of Gibraltar population.

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What countries can you see orcas?

Awesome orcas: 9 great spots to see killer whales in the wild

  • Antarctica. Orca in Antarctica (Shutterstock) …
  • Peninsula Valdes, Argentina. Orca on the hunt in Peninsula Valdes, Patagonia, Argentina (Shutterstock) …
  • Iceland. …
  • Norway. …
  • Bremer Bay, Australia. …
  • Alaska, USA. …
  • San Juan Island, USA. …
  • Auckland, New Zealand.

Is it safe to swim with orcas in Norway?

Yes! There are a handful of tour operators that offer boat excursions allowing you to swim with killer whales off the coast of Norway. You’ll also be in with a chance of seeing other whales, like humpbacks, too. … However, even with these restrictions, it is possible to swim with killer whales in Norway.

Can you see whales in Oslo?

Whales. These giants of the ocean visit the Norwegian coast every year, showing off for tourists and locals alike. In Norway, they are spotted along the Vesterålen coast all year round.

Can you see whales in Greece?

Though humpback whales have only been observed 14 times in the Mediterranean Sea, two of those, have been sighted in Greece (in the Myrtos and Ionian Seas). Minke whales are rare visitors to Greek Seas. They are among the smallest and thinnest whales.

Are there whales in Finland?

A very special 8 day wildlife watching holiday in Northern Finland and Russia, watching beluga whales in the White Sea, visiting the Solovetsky Archipelago and then back for a night of bear watching in the wild taiga region.

Can you see whales in Denmark?

You don’t need to travel to the world’s great oceans to see real whales. You can find these beautiful creatures right here in Denmark. You can see whales close up at Middelfart at Funen on a whale watching safari at Lillebælt.

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Can you see whales in Sweden?

The archipelago is not only beautiful, it’s also the home of some of Sweden’s most interesting sea life. … Outside the Swedish west coast are the waters Skagerrak, Kattegat and the North Sea. In these parts of the ocean, it is possible to see porpoises (wild dolphins), killer whales and even sharks.

Where can you see whales in Italy?

Target species, peak times of year and locations

Species Province/region Peak time of year to observe
Fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) Pelagos Sanctuary, Sardinia Summer – May to August
Sperm whale (Physeter microcephalus) Pelagos Sanctuary, Sardinia, Campania Archipelago, Pontino Archipelago Summer – May to October

Where can you see orcas in the UK?

Where can I see killer whales in Britain? Orcas have been recorded all around the British waters, but they are most common in the west and north of Scotland and the northern section of the North Sea. The Shetland Islands are an orca hotspot with sightings possible year-round.

Are there orcas in California?

Seeing whales in Southern California is usually tied to the annual migrations of the grays between Mexico and Alaska. … The orcas, which have been seen more frequently in Southern California in the last four years, may be transients from Monterey Bay or they may be eastern tropical Pacifics, which come up from Mexico.

Where is the best place in the world to see orcas?

In fact, there are multiple points along Puget Sound from which you can sight transient orcas during the fall months and Southern Resident killer whales all year long. The San Juan Islands off the coast of northwestern Washington are known for being one of the best places to see orcas in the wild.

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Can you see whales in England?

While whales and dolphins can be seen along most of the United Kingdom’s coastline, a few locations are known for their organized whale and dolphin watching activities. These include the west coast of Scotland, the Moray Firth on the east coast of Scotland, and Cardigan Bay in Wales.