Can I take my car from USA to New Zealand?

Car imports from the USA to New Zealand start at a cost of $1,550 USD with an estimated turnaround time of 21 days, depending on make and model of the vehicle, the nearest departure port in the United States, and your final destination in New Zealand.

How much does it cost to ship a car from USA to New Zealand?

Vehicle shipping costs to New Zealand from the U.S. generally run between $3,500 and $7,000. An important consideration when shipping a car to New Zealand is that many left-hand drive cars will need to be converted, though some may qualify for an exemption.

Can I bring my car to New Zealand?

There are no restrictions on importing classic cars into NZ, anyone can import a vehicle for off-road use or in a car collection. However, it pays to ensure your car meets the NZ compliance standards; even when shipping car to nz from Australia.

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Is it worth taking car to New Zealand?

From our experience if you have sentimental attachment or your car is worth over $5000, it’s worth looking into. It pays to ensure your car meets the NZ compliance standards; if not, then it’s not worth importing your car to New Zealand, unless its for off road use.

What year cars can be imported to NZ?

If the car was manufactured prior to 1989 there are no rules, you can bring it in. Manufactured from 1990 – 2004 you will need a “Special Interest Car Permit” as well as a “Category A Left Hand Drive Permit”. Both of these forms can be downloaded from the NZTA website.

How do I ship from US to New Zealand?

The cheapest way to ship to New Zealand from the US is via a tracked mail service. Tracked mail utilizes the local postal service in the destination country to make the final delivery to the recipient, so in this instance, New Zealand Post. The US domestic leg of the journey is handled by a local carrier like FedEx.

Can I import car from USA?

Rules To Import A New Car:

The car must be imported only from the country where it was built. The car must be new in every sense. It must not be previously sold, loaned, registered, or leased before being imported to India. The vehicle must be right-hand drive.

How much does it cost to comply a car in NZ?

Cost for a compliance inspection will set you back between $400 and $500, and the registration and plates can cost anything up to $400 extra, depending on the car’s ACC levy band.

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Do you need car insurance in New Zealand?

Insurance. It is not compulsory in New Zealand to have car insurance. However, it is recommended that you get third party insurance at least so if you cause an accident, you are covered for any damage you cause to other cars.

How do I import a car from USA to New Zealand?

Import Car from USA to New Zealand can be performed using a shared container, a sole container or a roll-on/roll-off service. Roll-On/Roll-Off – This option tends to be one of the more cost-effective ones, as the only added charges asides from shipping costs are port charges and customs clearance charges.

Are cars cheap in New Zealand?

Five to 10-year-old Japanese car imports are among the cheapest in the world, but new cars in New Zealand can be more than $20,000 more than drivers pay in the US. … Such deals are typical of Europe’s cut-price car market, where manufacturers were discounting prices by an average $5000 in May.

How much tax do you pay on imported cars?

Cars imported into India are currently taxed at 60% for vehicles costing below $40,000, or at 100% for vehicles with prices above $40,000. Tesla, meanwhile, has been lobbying a reduction of the customs duty to 40% for EVs.

How much does it cost to register an imported car NZ?

Vehicle ertification Cost

Entry certifiers charge different rates, but an indicative cost to have a vehicle issued with a VIN and certified for registration purposes is NZ$450. Repairers, repair certifiers and LVV certifiers also charge different rates and their costs will depend on the work required for each vehicle.

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How much does it cost to register your car in NZ for the first time?

Common vehicle registration fees

Registration of motor vehicle (issued with standard plates, and includes your first vehicle licence and ACC levy) 6 months
Private passenger Petrol driven – 0–60cc incl $243.49
Petrol driven – 61cc–600cc incl $271.09
Petrol driven – 601cc and over $328.16