Do all Fjällräven bags have the Swedish flag?

All the bags should have the Swedish flag sewn in them. NetRush only carries 100% authentic Fjall Raven product, and we are working to get consistent images on the listings. … In my opinion, if you buy a Fjallraven from the US you won’t have a Swedish flag.

Is fjallraven Kanken Swedish?

About us. Hailing from the small town of Örnsköldsvik in Sweden, a place where mountains and forest meet the sea, Fjällräven is an outdoor clothing and equipment company that’s committed to making nature more accessible.

Is Fjällräven made in Sweden?

Founded in 1960, Fjällräven is a Swedish company (here are some other brands from Sweden) that takes its name after the arctic fox, which is the brand’s representative logo as well. … That is how the brand started out, but nowadays Fjällräven has expanded its product range to include clothing and accessories, too.

Are Amazon Kankens real?

No, the only real kankens that are sold on Amazon are sold through NetRush. You can tell if the bag is coming from NetRush by looking under the Buy button. It should say “Ships from and sold by NetRush.” If it doesn’t, then it’s fake. … You can tell if the bag is coming from NetRush by looking under the Buy button.

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How can you tell the difference between real and fake fjallraven?

An authentic Kånken is rough and thick, cannot be easily creased; it is completely opaque and the water slips away. Counterfeit Kånken-s are produced with a much cheaper canvas, similar to plasticized canvas, smooth and soft to the touch, very malleable, and with a glossy finish.

Is Fjällräven Swedish or Norwegian?

Fjällräven (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈfjɛ̂lːˌrɛːvɛn], Swedish for “The Arctic fox”) is a Swedish company specialising in outdoor equipment—mostly upscale clothing and backpacks. It was founded in 1960 by Åke Nordin (1936–2013). The company went public in 1983 with an over-the-counter listing in Stockholm.

Are Fjällräven backpacks still cool?

Fjällräven is a popular backpack brand that is known for its trendy and versatile backpack styles. … This brand has been around since the 60s, it was cool then, and it’s still cool now, but how do their backpacks really compare to the sea of other brands that are also on the market today?

What does Kånken mean in Swedish?

What does Fjällräven / Kånken mean? … “Kånken” simply means “to carry”! In Sweden, an experienced walker or adventurer who traverses the great Scandinavian outdoors is known as “a true Arctic fox”.

Is the Kanken a day giveaway real?

The Kånken a Day Giveaway is back! Every day in the month of August we will be giving away a Kånken Classic backpack to one lucky winner.

What is Kanken?

The Fjallraven Kanken backpack was born back in 1978 to help Swedish school kids with their posture. But the backpack has since transcended generations and endures today. As it were, “Kanken” means “to carry” in Swedish. … There are also Kankens with a dedicated, padded laptop compartment.

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Which Kånken bags give back to our arctic fox initiative?

The heritage outdoor brand Fjällräven (translated as “arctic fox” in Swedish) helps preserve the dwindling Swedish fox population through sales of its Save the Arctic Fox Kanken backpack.

Are Kanken backpacks worth it?

It’s decent enough for school and it even works well as a carry-on, since it’s basically weightless and you can fit a bunch of stuff in it. On the other hand, it’s pretty expensive for pretty much a piece of fabric. With so little pockets and extra features, it’s kind of hard to justify such a high price tag.

Are Fjällräven backpacks from Amazon fake?

We only sell the genuine Kanken of Fjällräven (we get them directly from Fjällräven). If you buy it via amazon prime we can’t guarantee that it is an original one because amazon takes them out of a big warehouse of many sellers.

Is Amazon an authorized Fjällräven dealer?

Answer: No there is not. FYI FJALLRAVEN said that no one on Amazon is an authorized dealer and these are fake.