Does Bergen Community College have a pool?

On the campus of Bergen Community College (BCC), the pool is used in college swimming competitions and by the NJ Wave Swim Team to provide swimming lessons. The pool is large enough to accommodate several classes at once, without the swimmers being crowded (the class sizes are also small).

What GPA do you need to get into Bergen Community College?

College Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.4 or higher with a minimum of 12 college credits. A professor’s recommendation and minimum of 12 college credits.

Does Bergen Community College have a gym?

The Fitness Center for student use is located in Room S-128, on the main campus in Paramus, and is open weekdays at specified times.

Is Bergen Community College a good college?

Bergen community college is a great college with great professors. Is my second semester in the college and my experiences have been fair overall, however, I have not take in-person classes but the campus is incredible with a lot of green areas.

Are there dorms at Bergen Community College?

Does Bergen Community College Provide Housing? The College is not able to provide temporary or residence housing to students or family members.

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Does Bergen Community College accept everyone?

Bergen Community College maintains an open door policy for degree and non-degree-seeking students. Most of Bergen’s academic programs are open to anyone with a high school diploma.

What is the acceptance rate for Bergen Community College?

Bergen is a public college located in Paramus, New Jersey in the New York City Area. It is a mid-size institution with an enrollment of 6,817 undergraduate students. The Bergen acceptance rate is 100%.

Does Bergen Community College require Covid vaccine?

Is a COVID-19 vaccine required to attend class? While the College will not require a COVID-19 vaccine, it strongly recommends students take advantage of them for their own personal safety. Student-athletes, however, must receive a vaccine in order to participate in intercollegiate competition.

Is Bergen a 4 year college?

Through its many articulation agreements, Bergen Community College makes it easy for students to transfer to a four-year institution, while New Jersey’s transfer law allows students a seamless transition to the state’s finest institutions.

What is bad about community college?

Many community college students simply do not realize what their schools have to offer in terms of career planning and other support services. They may also fail to take their classes and coursework seriously because they too ascribe to the misconception that community colleges offer a lower quality of education.