How do you say beer in Scandinavian?

What is Swedish beer called?

Gotlandsdricka is the only traditional homebrewed beer to survive the emergence of industrial brewing in Sweden.

How to order a beer in Swedish?

How to order a beer in Sweden. En öl, tack! – A beer, please! En stor stark, tack!

What is Swiss beer?

Widely available beers include: Made by Carlsberg: Cardinal, Feldschlösschen, Gurten, Hürlimann, Valaisanne. Made by Heineken: Calanda, Eichhof, Haldengut, Ittinger. Independents: Appenzell, Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes, Schützengarten.

What is Viking beer?

Viking Drinks

Like all meads, Viking mead was made from honey. The beer was ale made from barley, with hops sometimes being added for flavor. The only other alcoholic beverage the Vikings made themselves was fruit wine, which came from the various fruits that grew in their homelands.

What language is ØL?

Norwegian Bokmål

From Old Norse ǫl, from Proto-Germanic *alu, from Proto-Indo-European *h₂elut- (“beer”).

How do you say beer in other languages?

In other languages beer

  1. Arabic: بِيرَة
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: cerveja.
  3. Chinese: 啤酒
  4. Croatian: pivo.
  5. Czech: pivo.
  6. Danish: øl.
  7. Dutch: bier.
  8. European Spanish: cerveza.

How do you order food in Sweden?

Can I order food to go? Swedish Translation: Kan jag beställa hämtmat?

What is Turkish beer?

The best—and best-selling Turkish beer (80% of the market) is Efes Pilsen, brewed in İzmir. The same company brews Becks, Miller, Warstiener and Fosters under licence. Tuborg is also brewed in Turkey under license. Heineken is imported. … In Istanbul, Bomonti is the recreation of a historic beer famous a century ago.

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What is Edelweiss beer?


Born in The Alps, Edelweiss is a refreshing white beer, brewed using only the purist alpine water and an original recipe dating back to 1646. The warm maceration and the special yeast yield the typical wheat beer taste: refreshing and tangy, aromatic and full-bodied.

What is the best Swiss beer?

List of the top 50 Swiss breweries according to Untappd

Rank Name # of beers
1 nine brothers 34
2 Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes (BFM) 153
3 À tue-tête 22
4 Brasserie L’Apaisée 91