Question: Why is Claudius happy that Fortinbras only wants to pass Denmark?

He ordered for Fortinbras’ arrest, and Fortinbras promised to never attack Denmark again. King was so happy by Fortinbras’ promise that he gave Fortinbras money and permission to take soldiers to Poland. He only asks Claudius for permission to allow Fortinbras to pass through Denmark to get to Poland.

How does Claudius respond to Fortinbras invasion of Denmark?

Claudius reacts to the young Fortinbras’s threat by writing to Fortinbras’s uncle, the present head of Norway, and instructing him to stop his nephew’s advance by putting a stop to his plans. … In order to avert this threat, King Claudius is sending Voltemand and Cornelius to Denmark.

Why does Fortinbras uncle want to pass through Denmark?

He is invading Denmark. He wants to take back for Norway the lands that his father lost to Hamlet senior. Fortinbras will be allowed to pass through Denmark to go fight in Poland.

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What does Claudius say about Fortinbras?

Claudius thus says that Fortinbras has tried to force Denmark to give back the land that was won by old King Hamlet, but that he has rejected any such attempts.

What was Fortinbras request of King Claudius?

The Norwegian king, overjoyed, bequeathed upon Fortinbras a large annuity, and urged him to use the army he had assembled to attack the Poles instead of the Danes. He has therefore sent a request back to Claudius that Prince Fortinbras’s armies be allowed safe passage through Denmark on their way to attack the Poles.

Why does Claudius appeal to Norway to assist him with Fortinbras?

The coming conflict is war between Denmark and Norway. … What does Claudius appeal to Norway to assist him with Fortinbras? He wants him to stop the war he is preparing for.

What is the purpose of Claudius calling King Fortinbras impotent and Bedrid?

Claudius says that the current King of Norway is “impotent and bedrid” and that he is unaware of young Fortinbras’ actions. A ruler who is so out- of-touch likely doesn’t have much real power, so the audience should remain concerned that the threat from Norway will continue to be a factor in this story.

Does Fortinbras become king of Denmark?

Throughout the play, Fortinbras serves to provide a foil for Hamlet. … One cannot help but appreciate the irony of Hamlet’s dying voice. Fortinbras persists in his claim for a disputed patch of land held by Denmark, and without raising up arms against his foe, ends up becoming the king of the entire country.

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What is significant about Fortinbras wanting to reach Poland through Denmark?

Young Fortinbras attacks Poland to regain some of his father’s honor because his uncle, the current king of Norway, has forbidden him to attack Denmark, as he had planned to do.

Why is Fortinbras in Denmark?

On a nearby plain in Denmark, young Prince Fortinbras marches at the head of his army, traveling through Denmark on the way to attack Poland. Fortinbras orders his captain to go and ask the King of Denmark for permission to travel through his lands.

Why does Claudius really want Hamlet to stay in Denmark?

Claudius wants Hamlet to stay around because he is concerned that Hamlet is acting strangely and Claudius wants to make sure Hamlet is no threat to his plans by monitoring his every move.

Why does Claudius give a speech?

He was mourning the death of his beloved father and his mother’s marriage to his uncle. In Act 1 Scene 2 Claudius gives Hamlet a speech to try and get him to stop bringing up his father, probably fearing that the more the late King was talked about, or remembered, the more likely people were to look into his death.

What is the report Voltemand brings to King Claudius about Fortinbras and Norway’s revised plans?

What new does Voltemand bring from Norway? He reports that Fortinbras is going to back off from attacking Norway; he is going to attack Poland instead. He will, however, need to pass through Denmark at some point.

Which conclusion about Claudius does the excerpt support?

Which conclusion about Claudius does the excerpt support? He is not a popular king.

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Why does Claudius tell his courtiers that Hamlet mad as he is must not be confined?

Why does Claudius tell his courtiers that Hamlet-mad as he is-must not be confined? The masses love Hamlet and would not like it. … Alone with Claudius’ thoughts, Claudius states his hope that English ruler will obey the sealed orders (putting him to death) he has sent to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.