What does Lundin mean in Swedish?

Swedish: ornamental name from lund ‘grove’ + the adjectival suffix -in, from Latin -in(i)us.

Is Lundin a Swedish name?

Lundin is a Swedish surname. Notable people with the surname include: Adolf H. Lundin (1932–2006), Swedish oil and mining entrepreneur.

What does Englund mean in Swedish?

Englund is a surname of Swedish origin, meaning “meadow grove” (from Swedish äng, meadow, and lund, grove).

Where does the name Lundeen come from?

The name Lundeen belongs to the early history of Britain, it’s origins lie with the Anglo-Saxons. It is a product of their having lived in an area that was referred to as the laund, which was Old Norman word meaning the open space in a forest or the lawn.

What does Lindquist mean in Swedish?

Swedish: ornamental name composed of the elements lind ‘lime tree’ + quist, an old or ornamental spelling of kvist ‘twig’.

How do you pronounce Englund?

Phonetic spelling of Englund

  1. ih-ng-lund-ih-ng.
  2. En-glund. Fabiola Nicolas.
  3. En-glund.

How common is the last name Lindquist?

The surname Lindquist is most prevalent in The United States, where it is carried by 16,406 people, or 1 in 22,093.

Who is Lindquist?

Lindqvist is a surname of Swedish origin. It means ‘linden twig’, as lind means ‘linden tree’ (Tilia cordata), and kvist means ‘twig’. In Sweden, about 23,000 people have this surname in some variation.

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