Who was the first Prime Minister of New Zealand?

Most commonly, Henry Sewell, who served during 1856, is regarded as New Zealand’s first premier.

Who was the first woman prime minister of New Zealand?

Jenny Shipley became New Zealand’s first female prime minister after replacing Jim Bolger as leader of the National Party. Labour’s Helen Clark became New Zealand’s first elected female prime minister following the general election in November 1999.

Who was New Zealand’s youngest prime minister?

The three youngest people when they first became prime minister were:

  • Edward Stafford – 37.
  • Jacinda Ardern – 37.
  • Julius Vogel – 38.

How many prime ministers has New Zealand had?

Premiers and Prime Ministers

From Henry Sewell in 1856 to Jacinda Ardern in 2017, New Zealand has had 40 prime ministers and premiers.

How many female prime ministers has NZ had?

There have been three women prime ministers: Jenny Shipley (1997–99), who led the National Party from 1997 to 2001; Helen Clark, the first elected woman prime minister (1999–2008), who was leader of the Labour Party from 1993 to 2008; and Jacinda Ardern, who became leader of the Labour Party in August 2017 and prime …

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What was Helen Clark known for?

Premiership of Helen Clark

Clark became the second woman to serve as Prime Minister of New Zealand, and the first to have won office at an election. She also served as the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage throughout her premiership.

Who was the world’s first female prime minister?

First Female Prime Minister in the World1960

The first female Prime Minister in the world was Sirimavo Bandaranaike. She was elected Prime Minister of Ceylon and Sri Lanka three times.

How old was Jacinda Ardern when she became PM?

After negotiations, New Zealand First chose to enter a minority coalition government with Labour, supported by the Green Party, with Ardern as prime minister. She was sworn in by the Governor-General on 26 October 2017. She became the world’s youngest female head of government at age 37.

Where did Jacinda Ardern go to school?

The monarchy of New Zealand is the constitutional system of government in which a hereditary monarch is the sovereign and head of state of New Zealand. The current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, ascended the throne on the death of her father, King George VI, on 6 February 1952.

Which NZ prime minister died in office?

Norman Kirk

The Right Honourable Norman Kirk
Died 31 August 1974 (aged 51) Wellington, New Zealand
Resting place Waimate Lawn Cemetery, Waimate, Canterbury, New Zealand
Political party Labour
Spouse(s) Lucy Ruth Miller ​ ( m. 1943)​

What is the capital of New Zealand?

New Zealand has had three capital cities – first Okiato (Old Russell) in the Bay of Islands from 1840, then a year later, Auckland, and finally Wellington. Today marks 155 years since a session of parliament officially met in Wellington for the first time on 26 July 1865.

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Who was the longest serving prime minister of New Zealand?

Nine prime ministers have held the position for more than one discrete term in office. The longest single term in office was that of Richard Seddon, who held the position for thirteen years between 1893 and 1906. The incumbent prime minister is Jacinda Ardern, who assumed office on 26 October 2017.

Who is the youngest world leader?

10 youngest serving state leaders

Rank Name Position
1 Giacomo Simoncini Captain Regent of San Marino (since 2021)
2 Sanna Marin Prime Minister of Finland (since 2019)
3 Mahamat Déby Chairman of the Transitional Military Council of Chad (since 2021)
4 Kim Jong-un Supreme Leader of North Korea (since 2011)

Who was the longest serving prime minister?

The prime minister with the longest single term was Sir Robert Walpole, lasting 20 years and 315 days from 3 April 1721 until 11 February 1742.