Best answer: How do I get my first hand contract in Gothenburg?

If you haven’t got enough queuing days on to get a first-hand contract you can register on other housing websites that arrange leases in Gothenburg. The easiest thing is to look for active housing websites in the internet, as they usually vary in where and how they advertise their vacant flats.

How do I get a first-hand contract in Sweden?

First-Hand Rental Agreements In Stockholm

In order to get an apartment with a first-hand contract, you must first register in the housing queue and pay an annual fee. You will usually have to wait in a queue for several years before getting an apartment.

What is first-hand contract Sweden?

A first-hand lease contract implies that the contract is in your name and signed between you and the owner or lessor of the building or home. These contracts are very attractive for two reasons: 1) They tend to be cheaper per month than a sublet contract.

What is first-hand contract?

This is a signed agreement between the owner of the building and the tenant. The name for this type of apartment is normally called Hyresrätt. Once they have an apartment available, they will offer it to the person first in the queue. …

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What are my rights as a tenant in Sweden?

A tenant always has the right to give notice three months from the last day of the month regardless of the lease period. This right applies irrespective of other terms of the contract and cannot be changed. This is Swedish rental law and cannot be circumvented.

How much is rent in Sweden?


Short-term Price per night
Long-term Rent per month
One-bedroom apartment (city centre) 9000–12,000 SEK
One-bedroom apartment (suburbs) 7000–10,000 SEK
Student dorm/apartment 3000–6500 SEK

Can an American buy a house in Sweden?

Who is allowed to own or buy property in Sweden? There are no restrictions for foreign citizens owning property in Sweden. Neither are there any restrictions on the right to register and reside permanently in a second home for leisure purposes.

Can foreigners rent in Sweden?

Renting a house or apartment in Sweden is so competitive that there is a black market for long-term leases. Foreigners intent on staying in the country long-term may want to buy a house rather than join the rental fray. … First-hand rentals are limited and, in really popular areas, there may be years’ long waiting lists.

Is it easy to buy property in Sweden?

Buying property in Sweden is sometimes easier than renting. Bidding is not subject to regulation, and the purchase process is usually very fast. Traditionally rental accommodation is more common in Sweden, as legal conditions are very favourable for tenants.

How can I get an apartment in Sweden?

The first step you need to take is to register yourself on the landlords’ websites in your city. These websites offer a big number of apartments with first-hand contracts (permanent contracts), and you can find them on the municipality’s website or by searching for ‘bostäder’ and the name of the city.

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What is second hand renting?

When you have a second hand rental, meaning that you sublet your rental apartment, the first hand tenant (you) rents out an entire living space (a whole apartment) to a second hand tenant. This means that the second hand tenant has exclusive and independent right to use the space.

What is first hand contract Stockholm?

A first-hand (förstahand) contract means that the apartment is in your name and you deal directly with the landlord. This usually requires several years in the housing queue.

How do I evict a tenant in Sweden?

An eviction of a tenant is in Sweden based on a decision made by the Bailiff in a summary proceeding, a decision by a regional rent tribunal, or a judgement from a district court. For indebted homeowners, the basis is a protocol of a judicial fore- closure of real estate.

How many people can live in an apartment in Sweden?

SBB has rules on overcrowding. Apartments with 1 room plus kitchen may house a maximum of 3 people, for 2 rooms plus kitchen the maximum is 4 people, 3 rooms plus kitchen a maximum of 6 people, 4 rooms plus kitchen a maximum of 8 people and 5 rooms plus kitchen a maximum of 10 people.

Can you rent your home in Sweden?

In theory, Sweden’s rental market is designed to ensure that anyone who doesn’t own their own property has access to an affordable home with rent that’s capped, provided by either a local council or a state-approved private company. Once you get one of these so-called “first-hand” contracts, is usually yours for life.