Best answer: How far north is Norway?

Norway is 4,283.79 mi (6,894.09 km) north of the equator, so it is located in the northern hemisphere. How far is it from Norway to the South Pole? From Norway to the South Pole, it is 10,502.88 mi (16,902.75 km) in the north.

Where is north of Norway?

An important thing to remember before you start planning your trip is that Northern Norway is a vast area. It stretches from the Helgeland region in the south to mainland Europe’s northernmost point near the North Cape (pictured) and east towards the Russian border. The North Cape plateau .

How far north do people live in Norway?

The world’s northernmost town is Longyearbyen, which is located in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard and has 2,400 citizens. Longyearbyen is around 650 miles from the North Pole, making it the nearest town to it.

How long is Norway south to north?

Norway – Location, size, and extent

Extending 1,752 km (1,089 mi) NNE-SSW , Norway has the greatest length of any European country; its width is 430 km (267 mi) ESE-WNW .

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Is Norway poor or rich?

Norway is currently the sixth richest country in the world when measured by GDP per capita. Norway’s GDP per capita is around $69,000, according to IMF estimates. Neighbour’s and Sweden and Denmark both make the top 20 with GDP’s of around $55,000 and $61,000 respectively.

Do people live in the north of Norway?

A trip to Northern Norway presents you with many exciting opportunities, but it is not a deserted area. Instead, Northern Norway has a population of almost 463,000. The residents of this region live within an 112,951 square km (43,611 square miles) radius.

Is Northern Norway urban or rural?

Northern Norway (Bokmål: Nord-Norge, Urban East Norwegian: [ˈnûːrˌnɔrɡə], Nynorsk: Nord-Noreg; Northern Sami: Davvi-Norga) is a geographical region of Norway, consisting of the two northernmost counties Nordland and Troms og Finnmark, in total about 35% of the Norwegian mainland.

Is Norway a free country?

Norway is one of the most robust democracies in the world. Elections are free and fair, and power regularly rotates between parties. Civil liberties are respected, with independent media and civil society actors holding the government to account.

What is the farthest north you can go?

Isolated on the polar archipelago of Svalbard at 78 degrees north, Longyearbyen is the world’s northernmost permanent settlement. Halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole, the 2,300 residents here are used to extremes.

Is Tromso boring?

Having said that, Tromsø is by no means a boring place! We have the Midnight Sun Marathon, Tromsø International Film Festival, Sami Week and many more, so unless you’re used to going out every night of the week, you shouldn’t get bored here.

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How close is Norway to the North Pole?

Distance facts

How far is Norway from the North Pole? Norway is located 1,934.62 mi (3,113.46 km) south of the North Pole.

Why Norway has no night?

The earth is rotating at a tilted axis relative to the sun, and during the summer months, the North Pole is angled towards our star. That’s why, for several weeks, the sun never sets above the Arctic Circle. Svalbard is the place in Norway where the midnight sun occurs for the longest period.

Is Northern Norway cold?

In Brønnøysund, it is common for the temperature to remain below freezing from December through February, but the cold season is expanded from November to April in Tromsø. During the summer, it is typical for Northern Norway to have a 24-hour average temperature of 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit).

Is every Norwegian A Millionaire?

A preliminary counter on the website of Norway’s central bank, which manages the fund, rose to 5.11 trillion crowns ($828.66 billion) Wednesday, fractionally more than a million times Norway’s most recent official population estimate of 5,096,300. …

What language does Norway speak?

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