Can you use mobile data in Norway?

If you’re visiting Norway for an extended stay or permanently relocating then chances are you’ll need access to mobile data on your smartphone. … You’ll need an ID number and a Norwegian bank account for this.

Can I use my cell phone in Norway?

The mobile connection network in Norway is well-developed and therefore you most likely won’t face problems with having cell phone reception in any of the Norwegian cities, large or small. Plus Norway mobile phone coverage is great, with GSM and 3G practically everywhere in the country.

How much does data cost in Norway?

Like other things in Norway, data is among the most expensive for its kind in the world with 2GB rates as high as 250 kr. If you have an existing mobile phone plan from another EU country, you may want to consider using that instead (see European Union article).

Which SIM card is best in Norway?

Best Norway sim card in 2021

A Telia Norway prepaid sim card is cheap, but only good for calling and texting in Norway. Telenor offers more data for a cheaper price and has a better network and therefore: Telenor is the best sim card in Norway in 2021!

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How do I get a Norwegian mobile number?

You can obtain a virtual phone number for Norway or even a toll-free number from CallHippo in less than 3 minutes. All you have to do is sign up on the website, complete a few quick and easy steps, make a payment and you will have your virtual phone number for Norway.

Can I use my iPhone in Norway?

These step-by-step instructions tells you what you’ll need to charge the iPhone when visiting Norway by using the F or C type Norwegian 240 volt 50Hz wall outlets, most Norwegians will typically use the Type F sockets in their plug outlets.

Do European plugs work in Norway?

Norway uses the standard Euro plug socket with two round prongs so you can use adapter types “C” or “F” (often labelled as a Northern Europe adapter). Make sure to check the voltage labels on your appliances or chargers to see if you need to use just an adapter or a converter/transformer with an adapter.

Does Lebara work in Norway?

Roaming within the EU

Roaming in the EU is included in all Lebara tariffs: Roaming charges for making calls, texting and surfing within the EU and the EEA (Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) are not incurred. So you only pay what you pay for mobile phone use at home.

Does Vodafone work in Norway?

Norway, so here you are like home

Enjoy fully your home tariff or prepaid card without roaming surcharges. The only exception is free minutes and SMS to the Vodafone network.

How do I know my Telia number?

You can call, send SMS, browse the internet and use other „Telia EXTRA“ services immediately after the activation. You can find out the phone number of your card by calling us on number 1544. Press „9“ – menu in English, then select „4“ – information about the subscriber. 0.08 Eur/min.

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How do I check my Telia prepaid balance?

Check your balance by sending the SMS PREPAID SALDO to the number 15400. The message is free of charge. Your Telia Prepaid plan includes the Turvanu- mero (safety number) service, which allows you to call and send messages in Finland to two pre-selected mobile numbers free of charge after you run out of balance.

What country prefix is 47?

Norway Country Code 47 Country Code NO.

How do I add Norway number to Whatsapp?

How to add an international phone number

  1. Open your phone’s address book.
  2. When adding the contact’s phone number, start by entering a plus sign (+).
  3. Enter the country code, followed by the full phone number.