Does Denmark have a high crime rate?

In 2018, Denmark had a murder rate of 0.8 per 100,000 population. There were a total of 54 murders in Denmark in 2017.

Is Denmark safe crime?

So… How Safe Is Denmark Really? Generally speaking, Denmark is considered an extremely safe country to visit. It is a country with almost no risk of natural disasters and unlike most other European countries, the crime rates in Denmark are average and common sense should keep you out of any trouble.

Does Denmark have a low crime rate?

Crime in Denmark

Denmark has a very low crime rate, surveys that are carried out regularly and reports that are drawn up show that murders are very rare in Denmark as well as other violent crimes and criminal activity.

What is the most common crime in Denmark?


STAT Denmark
Violent crime > Gun crime > Guns per 100 residents 12 Ranked 52nd.
Intentional homicide rate 0.85 Ranked 42nd.
Murder rate 47 Ranked 88th.
Murder rate per million people 8.51 Ranked 104th.

Why is Denmark’s crime rate so low?

One of the major ways that Denmark controls the crime rate is by watching its borders along Germany and Sweden.

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Why is Denmark peaceful?

Over the last year, Denmark recorded a very small deterioration in peacefulness, due to an increase in weapons imports and number of external conflicts. … Despite this, Denmark maintains a high ranking on the 2019 Global Peace Index, which is re-enforced by its position in the top ten on the Positive Peace Index.

Is it safe to walk at night in Denmark?

Christiania is a lawless enclave. Do not walk around unaccompanied after dark for your own safety. Some female travelers also report feeling unsafe during daylight.

Are guns legal in Denmark?

Denmark has one of the strictest – possibly the strictest – gun ownership laws in Europe. The only type of weapon that civilians may own without a licence are air rifles of a calibre of 4.5 mm or less. … The only two reasons for being granted a firearms licence are for sports shooting and hunting purposes.

What makes Denmark so safe?

International surveys usually rank Denmark among the world’s happiest countries. … Denmark has a high level of equality and a strong sense of common responsibility for social welfare. Even though there are nine major political parties in Denmark, none of them seriously supports dismantling the Danish welfare state.

Is Denmark safe living?

Denmark is a safe and secure country with a very low crime rate. The Danes are relaxed, informal, and often ironic. “Hygge” – making people feel at home – is an essential part of life. … Accommodation, food, and transport are therefore relatively expensive in Denmark compared to other countries.

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Which is the safest city in Denmark?

Copenhagen has been named the world’s safest city for the first time, scoring 82.4 points out of 100 in the annual report.

What country has the lowest crime rate?

Iceland and Denmark are among the countries with the lowest crime rates, as well as being politically stable. Safety can also vary depending on location within a country. For example, Sydney is the fourth safest city in the world according to The Economist’s Safe Cities Index 2021.

Why does Denmark have so many burglaries?

The high rate of burglary in Denmark can be attributed to burglary in houses in provincial areas outside of big cities.

Which Scandinavian country has the lowest crime rate?

Norway, with its population of just over 5 million, is one of the three Scandinavian countries. It is ranked as one of the best countries to live in and has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.