Does Norway have low crime rates?

Norway has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and has seen a significant decline in crime in recent years. There was a 4.3 percent decrease from 2015–2016, and a decline of as much as 9.6 percent from 2014.

Why does Norway have the lowest crime rate?

Norway is an extremely cold country that has long winters, so this is one of the reasons for this country’s lower crime rate. Statistics reveal that Norway typically has fewer than 30 murders per year. This country also has strict gun laws, including the types of weapons that are used for hunting and sports.

Does Norway have a high crime rate?

Norway crime rate & statistics for 2017 was 0.53, a 2.82% increase from 2016.

Norway Crime Rate & Statistics 1990-2021.

Norway Crime Rate & Statistics – Historical Data
Year Per 100K Population Annual % Change
2018 0.47 -11.42%
2017 0.53 2.82%
2016 0.51 11.40%

Which country has lowest crime?

Iceland and Denmark are among the countries with the lowest crime rates, as well as being politically stable.

What country has the lowest violent crime rate?

Countries With the Lowest Crime Rate

  1. 10 Safest Countries In The World.
  2. Iceland. Iceland is a country with only a population of 340,000. …
  3. New Zealand. New Zealand is another safest country with the lowest crime rate, especially violent crime. …
  4. Portugal. …
  5. Austria. …
  6. Denmark. …
  7. Canada. …
  8. Singapore.
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Is Norway safe to live?

Norway is known to be one of the safest countries in the world. Crime rates are extremely low even in major cities such as Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and Stavanger.

Why are Norway prisons so nice?

One mission that is consistent throughout all of Norway’s facilities is the rehabilitation and reintegration of its prisoners into society. These prisons’ accepting, caring and empathetic approach has paved the way for many prisoners into becoming fine citizens supporting their country’s economy.

Is health care free in Norway?

Anyone registered as a resident in Norway has a right to access the Norwegian state healthcare system. State healthcare in Norway is not completely free. Healthcare costs are covered by both the state and through patient contributions (user fees).

How many criminals are in Norway?


Prison population total (including pre-trial detainees / remand prisoners) 3 034 at 7.8.2021 (national prison administration)
Prison population rate (per 100,000 of national population) 56 based on an estimated national population of 5.43 million at August 2021 (from Eurostat figures)

Are Norwegians trustworthy?

Also, the Norwegians are unbelievable trustworthy people, especially to strangers. They will even give the keys to their cabin for you to use if you use the honor system and clean up after yourself and sign in and out of the guest book.

Which is the safest country in Europe?

38, a drop of six positions from 2020.

  • No. 8: Australia. Safest ranking: 8. …
  • No. 7: Sweden. Safest ranking: 7. …
  • No. 6: Finland. Safest ranking: 6. …
  • No. 5: New Zealand. Safest ranking: 5. …
  • No. 4: Canada. Safest Ranking: 4. …
  • No. 3: Norway. Safest Ranking: 3. …
  • No. 2: Denmark. Safest Ranking: 2. …
  • No. 1: Switzerland. Safest Ranking: 1.
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Which European country has the highest crime rate?

Europe: Crime Index by Country 2019

Rank Country Crime Index
1 Sweden 49.35
2 Ukraine 48.88
3 France 46.39
4 Moldova 45.45

Which country has most violence?

Safety and Security improved due to many countries recording a lower homicide rate and lower levels of political terror.

Global Peace Index 2021 ranking.

Country Rank Score
Iceland 1 1.100
New Zealand 2 1.253
Denmark 3 1.256
Portugal 4 1.267