Is Stockholm the biggest city in Scandinavia?

Is Stockholm the largest city in Sweden?

In 2020, approximately 975.550 people lived in Stockholm, making it not only the capital, but also the biggest city in Sweden. The second biggest city, Gothenburg (Göteborg) had about half as many inhabitants, with about 580,000 people.

Which country in Scandinavia is the biggest?

Facts about Sweden

The largest country in the Nordic Region is also the one with the biggest population.

Is Stockholm big city?

The Biggest Cities In Sweden

Rank City Population
1 Stockholm 1,515,017
2 Gothenburg 572,799
3 Malmö 301,706
4 Uppsala 149,245

Is Stockholm bigger than Copenhagen?

Stockholm is marginally bigger than Copenhagen with a population of 1.5 million as opposed to 1.3 million for Copenhagen. Copenhagen is much more densely populated though while Stockholm is spread over 14 islands and appears more vast.

What is the five biggest cities in Sweden?

List of urban areas in Sweden by population

  • Stockholm – 1,515,017.
  • Göteborg – 599,011.
  • Malmö – 316,588.
  • Uppsala – 160,462.
  • Upplands Väsby and Sollentuna urban area – 144,826.
  • Västerås – 122,953.
  • Örebro – 120,650.
  • Linköping – 111,267.
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What is Sweden’s second biggest city?

Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden’s second biggest city | Visit Sweden. Gothenburg, or Göteborg, on Sweden’s west coast, is second in population only to the capital, Stockholm.

Which is best Nordic country?

Well, Finland is a pretty good bet, having recently been cited as the world’s happiest country, according to the 2019 UN World Happiness index. But actually, all of the Scandinavian countries come in the top ten, with Denmark ranked 2nd, Norway 3rd, Iceland 4th (if we’re including the Nordic countries) and Sweden 7th.

Which Scandinavian country is the smallest?

Faroe Islands are the smallest of the Nordic countries, with a total area of nearly 1.4 thousand square kilometers.

Are Vikings from Scandinavia?

The homelands of the Vikings were in Scandinavia, but the countries of Scandinavia as we know them today did not exist until the end of the Viking Age. Wherever they lived, the Viking-age Scandinavians shared common features such as house forms, jewellery, tools and other everyday equipment.

What is the richest city in Sweden?

List of municipalities of Sweden by wealth

# Municipality Average net wealth (‘000 SEK)
1 Danderyd Municipality 3,447
2 Lidingö Municipality 1,894
3 Täby Municipality 1,352
4 Vellinge Municipality 1,343

Which Scandinavian country is closest to the UK?

Nordic nirvana

But average life expectancy in the UK is 81 years, the same as Finland, with Denmark 80 and Sweden, Norway and Iceland at 82 years. The country closest to the UK on the proportions of people smoking is Norway.

Who built Stockholm?

Stockholm was first mentioned as a town in 1252 and was largely built by the Swedish ruler Birger Jarl. It grew rapidly as a result of a trade agreement made with the German city of Lübeck.

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What is the biggest Scandinavian city?


Rank Municipality Country
1 Copenhagen Denmark
2 Stockholm Sweden
3 Helsinki Finland
4 Oslo Norway

Which is the most populous of the Scandinavian capital city?

Regardless, the largest city in Scandinavia is the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, home to 1.5 million people. (Sweden itself is the most populous Scandinavian country with 10.1 million residents.)

Is Stockholm or Copenhagen more beautiful?

Stockholm is also extremely beautiful city, not more Nordic than Copenhagen. There is plenty to see in both cities, people are friendly, food scene is getting better and better in Stockholm. It might be slightly cheaper than Copenhagen.