Question: Where does Viking cruise dock in Stockholm?

Although the specifics will be shared in your Cruise Documents, our ships typically dock at the Stadsgarden Cruise Terminal in Stockholm. moatenote, we appreciate the opportunity to assist and look forward to cruising with you in July.

Where is the port in Stockholm Sweden for cruise ships?

Where do cruise ships dock at the Port of Stockholm, Sweden? Cruise ships arriving in Stockholm dock at one of the several berths named Stadsgården, Frihamnen Dock, (where most of the big cruise ship berth) and Skeppsbron Dock (mostly used by smaller cruise ships).

Is Viking cruises going out of business?

Viking Cruises has announced that its river and ocean operations will remain on hold through May 31, 2021, which means cruises won’t resume until June at the very earliest. … It’s now been almost one year since Viking first suspended operations in March 2020, the first cruise line in the world to do so.

Where do cruise ships dock in Visby Sweden?

In 2018, CMP began operating a new cruise terminal in Visby, Gotland, an island outside the eastern coast of Sweden. The idyllic island has already become an attractive destination in the Baltic Sea with more than 100.000 cruise guests in 2019. Two 340 metre long ships can dock simultaneously at the cruise quay.

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How far is Stockholm cruise port to airport?

The distance between Stockholm Airport (ARN) and Stockholm Port is 36 km. The road distance is 43.2 km.

Is Viking cruise lines in financial trouble?

For the 2019 season, Viking operated a total of 72 river vessels and six ocean-going cruise-liners. … Viking has just over $3.3 billion in total debt. Its existing unsecured notes due 2025 traded last week at 68.5 cents on the dollar for a yield of 15.5%, according to MarketAxess.

Who owns Viking cruise company?

Torstein Hagen (born 1943) is a Norwegian billionaire businessman, and the founder and chairman of Viking Cruises.

Torstein Hagen
Nationality Norwegian
Alma mater Norwegian Institute of Technology Harvard University
Occupation Founder & chairman, Viking Cruises
Years active 1974–present

Is Viking owned by Carnival?

Speaking of independents, that only leaves those lines that may be owned by a larger corporation but are not affiliated with any other cruise brands. These include Disney Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Silversea Cruises, Star Clippers, Viking Cruises and Windstar Cruises, which was formerly owned by Carnival Corp.

Is Visby a tender port?

Cruise port guide Visby – Sweden: tender port. Only small cruise ships (under +/- 400 passengers / 24.000 GRT) can dock in the port of Visby, but generally the port has no dock available large enough for regular cruise ships.

Which port does Oceania use in Stockholm?

The port is better known as Värtahamnen but the official name is Frihamnen. Upon entering the cruise port the ships docked at Frihamnen will be on your right and the ships docked at Vartahamnen will be on your left.

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Which port does Royal Caribbean use in Stockholm?

The Port of Stockholm consists out of several main piers. The two main cruise passenger terminals for embarkation are the Stockholm Freeport Cruise Terminal at Frihamnen (used by Royal Caribbean RCL), located in an industrial area, and the Stockholm Cruise Center at Stadsgarden close to Gamla Stan (Old Town).