Quick Answer: How do I use next deposit on Norwegian Cruise Line?

How do I use my deposit for next cruise?

Once you decide which cruise is right for you, it’s time to redeem your CruiseNext deposit. To do so, simply call Norwegian’s toll-free line to speak with an agent, book online, or contact your favorite travel professional. It’s that easy. You can use one CruiseNext deposit per stateroom.

What is Norwegian Cruise Line deposit?

Payment/Deposit Schedule For Bookings Made ON OR AFTER March 30, 2017

Cruise Type Deposit (per person) Final Payment Due (days prior to sailing)
1 Day $50* 75
2 – 6 Days $100* 75
7 – 9 Days $250* 90
10+ Days $400* 90

How long are cruise next Deposits good for?

5. CruiseNext Deposits ($250 each) and CruiseNext Haven Deposits ($500 each) are valid for sailings of 3 days or longer.

Is Norwegian extending cruise next deposits?

At this time, there are no plans to extend CruiseNext deposits that have already expired, per the corporate offices.

What does 2 for 1 Deposits mean?

2-for-1 Deposit: Guests booking a sale voyage can take advantage of 2-for-1 deposits, offering a 10 percent deposit of the total cruise fare, a reduction from the standard required 20 percent cruise fare deposit. Gratuities Included: Included are the suggested daily gratuities, amount based on stateroom category book.

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What is a cruise next certificate?

The primary purpose of a cruise next certificate is as a deposit for a new cruise reservation. … And yes, if you cancel the cruise before final payment, the certificates are returned back to your account.

Are deposits for NCL refundable?

*Deposits are refundable until 61 days prior sailing. * Attention: For bookings made using Buy One Get One Half Off promotion special conditions apply. For this promotion, deposit payments become non-refundable from time of booking.

Can I change passenger name on Norwegian Cruise?

Full name changes are allowed up to 70 days prior to sailing. Name correction (e.g. spelling mistake) can be made anytime up to 48 hours prior sailing.

How long are Norwegian cruise credits good for?

How long will I have to redeem my Future Cruise Credit? All future cruise credits must be redeemed within one year from issue date and can be used for sailings departing on or before December 31, 2022. FCCs can be used for any purchase other than an onboard credit (OBC).

What are cabin categories?

To make it less confusing, remember there are really just four main kinds of cabins: insides without windows, outsides with windows, balcony cabins, and suites. Within these main groupings, cruise lines offer many categories of cabins based on size, position, or amenities.

Does Royal Caribbean have reduced deposits?

Royal Caribbean is now allowing your clients to pay a reduced deposit onboard, return home to pick their ship and sail date and still get up to $600 in Savings.