What is the best time to see whales in Norway?

What’s the best time of year to watch whales in Norway? Captain Wara told us: “Late October to the middle of January is the best time to watch humpback and killer whales between Kvaløya and Andøya, although it is also possible to see sperm whales from Andøya during the summer.”

What time of the year are whales in Norway?

When is the best time to go on a whale safari in Norway? The official whale-watching season runs from the end of October to mid-January, and during these months you are pretty much guaranteed a sighting. There are numerous guided trips at this time of year, including this ‘silent’ whale watching trip from Tromsø.

When can you see orcas in Norway?

Killer Whales – The prime season for killer whales in Norway is November to January but the polar night is too dark to see the whales in December.

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Is there whale watching in Norway?

Whales. These giants of the ocean visit the Norwegian coast every year, showing off for tourists and locals alike. In Norway, they are spotted along the Vesterålen coast all year round. … During summer, Isfjorden is known as the feeding area for the blue whale, fin whale, humpback whale and belugas.

What is the best month to go whale watching?

The Whales & Whale Watching. What is the best month to see the whales? – Peak season is considered the summer months of mid-June through early September. During this time, we see whales (orcas, humpbacks and/or minke) on over 90% of our tours.

Can you see beluga whales in Norway?

Between May and September, blue whales, fin whales, humpback whales, minke whales, and belugas can be observed around Svalbard with day trips originating from the port of Longyearbyen. … Additional information about whale watching in Norway can be found on the following websites: Visit Norway.

Where can you see orcas in Norway?

The Norwegian fjords just north of Tromsø are, according to ‘Skipper Extraordinaire’, Charles Wara, probably the best place on the planet to watch killer whales in the wild.

How much is it to swim with orcas in Norway?

How much does it cost to go snorkeling with orcas? Most liveaboard trips in Norway to swim with orcas cost between $5,195-$6,427 (USD).

Can you swim with orcas in Norway?

Orca Expedition

Orca Norway has been offering this opportunity to do swimming or snorkeling with these beautiful animals at each season since 1992. A large number of herring takes place in the fjords outside Skjervöy, Reisafjord and Kvaenangsfjord. Be prepared with your camera for topside and into the water.

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Can I swim with wild orcas?

Is it safe to swim or dive with Orcas? Yes, however, you have to be very cautious, because they are still wild animals and need attention all the time. Orcas owe their name “killer whale” to the early whalers Because they apparently attacked and killed all other animals, even the largest whales.

Where can you see whales in Norway in December?

Alta is now the go-to hub for whale watching in winter in Northern Norway and luckily there are many ways to enjoy a spectacular winter adventure in the Finnmark region.

When can you see whales in Tromso?

The best time to go whale watching in Tromsø is from early November until early February. This, naturally, depends on the whales feeding and migration habits.

What time of day are you most likely to see whales?

One of the reasons that the morning time is the best time of day for whale watching has to do with weather and ocean conditions. The wind is a key player when it comes to smooth seas, and morning trips often have less wind.

Where is the best place in the world to see whales?

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

Alaska in general is a great place for whale watching of all types, with many species of cetaceans inhabiting or migrating through Alaskan waters, include orcas, beluga and humpbacks.

Is November a good time to go whale watching?

Winter & Spring Whale Watching

November through March is also a great time to spot humpback whales, which can usually be spotted in clusters of ten. October through December is also a prime time to spot minke whales.

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