You asked: Can I work as a teacher in Sweden?

To work as a teacher in Sweden, you need to have an academic degree and a certification indicating in which type of schools you can teach. If you have a foreign teaching qualification, you can apply to the National Agency for Education (Skolverket) for a Swedish teacher certification.

Can foreigners become teachers in Sweden?

You can apply for certification if you have a teaching degree, a preschool teaching degree or a recreation instructor degree (for the equivalent of the Swedish school form “fritidshemmet”). If you have a foreign degree, you also need a sufficient level of proficiency in Swedish.

What qualifications do you need to be a teacher in Sweden?

Teachers wishing to teach in Sweden’s public school system must have a Bachelor’s degree in Education, a teaching certification that certifies the teacher to teach specific subjects and grade levels and adequate proficiency in the Swedish language.

Is there a shortage of teachers in Sweden?

In 15 years, Sweden will be lacking 45,000 qualified teachers if current trends continue, according to the National Agency for Education. By 2033, a total of 188,500 teachers and preschool teachers will need to qualify in order to meet the forecasted demand.

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Are English teachers in demand in Sweden?

There isn’t a high demand for English lessons in Sweden, as the quality of English is high: almost 90% of the population can reportedly speak English. … As another option, there are a few private language schools that provide lessons, mostly for professionals.

How long is teacher training in Sweden?

A teaching qualification is obtained after completion of between three and five and a half years of full-time studies, different educational levels require different amounts of credit points. There is also a short teacher education programme of one and a half year for those with a previous bachelor or master degree.

Do you need to speak Swedish to teach in Sweden?

Do you need to speak Swedish to teach in Sweden? If you are working for a private school or language center, then you do not need to know Swedish. If you are applying for public schools, you need to demonstrate you are fluent in Swedish.

What jobs are in demand in Sweden?

Together with the Public Employment Agency the Swedish Migration Agency produces a list of in demand occupations.

According to the 2019 list Sweden needs:

  • architects.
  • civil engineers.
  • construction workers.
  • dentists.
  • firefighters.
  • interpreters.
  • lawyers.
  • medical secretaries.

How much are teachers paid in Sweden?

Sweden. There’s very little difference in starting teacher salaries in Sweden based on grade level, with the average at every grade being approximately $37,000. High school teachers at the top of the pay scale earn about $2,500 per year more than those who teach elementary school students.

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Which country is best to teach English?

The Best Countries To Teach English Abroad

  • South Korea. South Korea has one of the largest English teaching markets in the world. …
  • Japan. Japan has one of the longest traditions when it comes to hiring English teachers. …
  • China. China’s English teaching market is also flourishing. …
  • Thailand. …
  • Czech Republic. …
  • Saudi Arabia. …
  • Mexico.

How do I become an English teacher in Sweden?

A bachelor’s degree and TEFL certificate is the minimum required for all teaching jobs. Teachers should also have experience in other industries, such as business, to be able to give specialized vocabulary and cultural competence training.

How can an American get a job in Sweden?

This guide will walk you through 8 steps to follow for finding a job in Stockholm.

  1. Speak the Swedish language. …
  2. Check that your industry exists in Stockholm. …
  3. Start looking the old school way. …
  4. Try searching online. …
  5. Consider working with a recruiter. …
  6. Build your network. …
  7. Apply (and wait) for your visa. …
  8. Get moving.

How is English taught in Sweden?

A new National Curriculum was introduced in Sweden in 1995. The curriculum stipulates that “English as a first foreign language is taught from grade 1, 2 or 3 and in some schools from grade 4.” Each school decides when to start and how to allocate the time to English with the grades 1-9 students.