You asked: Is post delivered on a Saturday in Norway?

Saturdays. In particular, Norway Post wants to reduce its delivery frequency from six days per week to five days, eliminating Saturday deliveries. An exception would be made for newspapers under such a move, allowing weekend editions to still go out on Saturdays, an important part of periodical shipping volumes.

Does Norway deliver mail on Saturday?

On Tuesday it was announced the Norwegian government will allow the country’s postal service to stop mail distribution on Saturdays. The government may save 400 million kroner ($60 million) by reducing mail delivery from six to five days.

Do they deliver post on Saturday?

Royal Mail will deliver and collect your post every working day, and on Saturdays. You won’t get post on bank holidays.

How do I track a package from Norway?

For tracking Norway Post, enter the tracking number and click Track! button. provide real-time details of your Norway Post package.

What can you not post to Norway?

Prohibited products are not permitted in the mail under any circumstances.

  • Live animals; animal products.
  • Live animals.
  • Live mammal animals and birds, except bees, leeches, etc.
  • Meat and edible meat offal.
  • Meat and edible meat offal of mammals and birds is either prohibited or subject to regulation.
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What time does the mail come on Saturday?

Yes, USPS has Saturday delivery. Your local delivery time depends on where you are in the delivery route. All deliveries should be made by 5 PM local time Monday through Saturday. However, a lot of factors could delay your mail delivery such as weather and high demands around holidays.

Do post office deliver on Sunday?

Yes. The Postal Service currently delivers Priority Mail Express and certain Amazon packages on Sundays. Due to increased package volume, we are expanding the types of packages that will be delivered on Sundays.

What time is the last post on Saturday for Royal Mail?

The table below shows the time period when final collections will be made at post boxes (excludes public holidays).

When does mail get collected from postboxes?

Area Monday – Friday Saturday
Commercial Area 9am – 7.30pm 7am – 1.30pm
Town & City Area 9am – 6.30pm 7am – 1.30pm
Rest of UK 9am – 5.30pm 7am – 1.30pm
Deep Rural 9am – 4pm 7am – 1.30pm

How long does shipping from Norway to us take?

You should expect total transit times of between five and eight days for air freight from Oslo to Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, and most other US international airports.

How long does post take from Norway to UK?

Courier to UK from Norway

DwarkaCourier delivery time for your courier to UK from the Norway can be as quick as 2-3 business days with express shipping and 9-12 business days with economy shipping service, with DwarkaCourier you always have choice select a shipping type as per your requirements.

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How long does post take from Norway to Ireland?

The time it takes to get a package from Norway to Ireland may vary depending on the service chosen. When shipping within Europe, we offer several different delivery options with delivery time ranging between 1-7 days.

Can you mail chocolate to Norway?

Can I send food stuff as a gift, for example, cakes / cookies / biscuits, chocolate, dry goods, etc.? Yes, you can provided you send this from a country within EU / EEA. … The receiver in Norway may receive these types of goods provided you send them from a country within EU / EEA.

Can I post cheese to Norway?

So items such as cheeses and fruits are out of the question. Additionally, items such as cakes or chocolates are also tough to send as they are likely to melt in a hot weather or shipping depots in Norway that are not always air conditioned.

How long does it take to send a parcel to Norway?

Couriers such as TNT are well-equipped to deliver your cheap postage to Norway within 1-3 days, without the hassle. Postage costs to Norway will vary depending on the size and weight of your package, the courier and the service you choose.