Are the New Zealand and Australian flags the same?

BUT the Australian flag has two extra stars – a small one near the cross and a big one under the Union Jack. Meanwhile, New Zealand’s flag has just four stars but they are red with a white outline. Yes, the difference between the Aussie and NZ flag are small, but they are important.

Are New Zealand and Australia the same?

As you can see then, New Zealand is not physically part of Australia but separated from Australia by the Tasman Sea. The distance between Australia and New Zealand is approximately 1,500km (932 miles) at the closest point between the Australian island state of Tasmania and New Zealand’s South Island.

What flags are similar to Australia?

The Australian Flag – Similar and Related Flags

  • New Zealand. …
  • The Australian States. …
  • Cook Islands. …
  • Tuvalu. …
  • Dependencies and Associates of the United Kingdom. …
  • Canadian Provinces. …
  • Fiji. …
  • Other Flags with the Southern Cross.

Does New Zealand have 2 flags?

But even that wasn’t our first flag. Between 1834 and 1840, the Flag of the United Tribes of New Zealand was recognised as the first ‘national’ flag of these islands. New Zealand has a number of other official flags, including the maritime red and white ensigns and flags symbolising the Queen and the Governor-General.

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Why does NZ flag have 4 stars?

The fifth smaller star on the Australian Flag can be seen when looking at the Southern Cross and there was some debate in New Zealand as to whether the fifth star should be included on the New Zealand Flag. They decided just to use the four stars that mark the points of the compass.

Is New Zealand a flag?

Flag of New Zealand

Use National flag and state ensign
Proportion 1:2
Adopted March 24, 1902 (In use since 1869)
Design A Blue Ensign with the a Union Jack in the first quarter and four five-pointed red stars with white borders on the fly representing the Southern Cross.
Designed by Albert Hastings Markham

Are Maori the same as Aboriginal?

The indigenous tribes of people living in Australia are referred to as aboriginal, their Trans Tasman counterparts, the indigenous or native population of New Zealand is labeled as Maori.

What two countries have similar flags?

Flags That Look Alike

  • Chad and Romania. Chad, flag of; Romania, flag of Encyclopedia Britannica. …
  • Senegal and Mali. …
  • Indonesia and Monaco. …
  • New Zealand and Australia. …
  • Ireland and Côte d’Ivoire. …
  • Norway and Iceland. …
  • Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia. …
  • Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Are New Zealand and Australia friends?

Australia and New Zealand are natural allies with a strong trans-Tasman sense of family. … At a government-to-government level, Australia’s relationship with New Zealand is the closest and most comprehensive of all our bilateral relationships.

What two countries had the same flag?

Monaco and Indonesia also have incredibly similar flags — both being characterized by red and white bars. The only difference between the two is the aspect ratio. Until 1936, Lichtenstein and Haiti were two countries that used to have the same flag. Both flags featured a red-and-blue bicolor bar.

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Did New Zealand change its flag?

New Zealand’s Government held a two-stage binding referendum on a flag change in 2015 and 2016. … Voters chose to retain the current flag, by a vote of 56.6% to 43.1%. Turnout in the referendum was 67%—relatively low compared to the 74-80% turnout in general elections in the 21st century.

How many flags are there in NZ?

Visiting schools are surprised to learn that NZ has two flags! Te Kara’s official name is the Flag of the United Tribes of New Zealand – Te Kara o Te Whakaminenga o Nga Hapu o Nu Tireni. As trading grew between New South Wales and New Zealand, there arose the need for an official flag for ships.

What is New Zealand’s current flag?

The current New Zealand Flag has a deep blue background. In the top left corner, filling half the left side, is the Union Jack design showing red and white crosses on a blue background. The cross in the forefront is red on a white background.

Why are New Zealanders called Kiwis?

New Zealanders have been called ‘Kiwis’ since the nickname was bestowed by Australian soldiers in the First World War. Today a lot of dedicated people help to prevent kiwi from becoming extinct. There are five species of kiwi, all needing our help.

Why are New Zealand and Australia flags British?

Why are the flags so similar? When Capt. James Cook landed in Australia and (against orders of the Crown) declared the land a British colony, Australia and New Zealand shared a flag based on the blue ensign — a flag used by the British Navy.

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Why does the Australian flag have 6 stars?

The Stars. The Commonwealth Star is the emblem of Australian Federation. Six points represent the states and the seventh all the federal territories which together constitute the nation, the Commonwealth of Australia. The constellation of the Southern Cross indicates our geographical location in the southern hemisphere …