Are there more Norwegians in Minnesota than Norway?

Which US state has the most Norwegians?

Percent of Norwegian Americans

State Norwegian American Percent Norwegian American
United States 4,642,526 1.5%
Minnesota 868,361 16.5%
Wisconsin 466,469 8.2%
California 412,177 1.1%

Are there more Swedes or Norwegians in Minnesota?

There are about 500,000 people who identify as Swedish, 7 percent of Minnesotans. And there are about 262,000 Polish-Minnesotans, or 4 percent.

How many Norwegians are in Minnesota?

According to the Minnesota State Demographic Center, 810,300 Minnesotan residents claim Norwegian ancestry. Other sources claim more than a million. Whatever the true number, there is no denying that Minnesota is a hotbed of Scandinavian heritage.

What country has the most Norwegians?


Total population
c. 10 milliona
Regions with significant populations
Norway 4,548,958
United States 4,642,526

Why did Norwegians settle in Minnesota?

The land scarcity and famines that had pushed entire families to leave rural Norway had subsided, and young men from Norway’s cities now came in droves to Minnesota seeking better-paying employment. As railroad lines reduced the time needed to travel through the state, homestead properties were quickly snapped up.

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What percentage of Norway is black?

There are 71,727 non-Somali Afro-Norwegians in Norway, making up 1.32% of the population in the country.

What is the most Norwegian town in Minnesota?

The 25 Minnesotan communities with the highest percentage of residents claiming Norwegian ancestry are:

  • Fertile, Minnesota 54.4%
  • Spring Grove, Minnesota 52.0%
  • Twin Valley, Minnesota 49.9%
  • Rushford, Minnesota 46.5%
  • Starbuck, Minnesota 45.0%
  • Hawley, Minnesota 44.5%
  • Ada, Minnesota 42.9%
  • Dawson, Minnesota 42.2%

Is Minnesota a Nordic?

With more than 1.5 million people (32% of the population) claiming Scandinavian heritage, Minnesota is a hotbed of Scandinavian traditions. That’s especially true for Norwegian culture and heritage. The first Norwegian settlement in the state was Norwegian Ridge, in what is now Spring Grove.

Are Minnesotans Swedish?

In the 2000 federal census, nearly 10 percent of Minnesotans claimed Swedish ancestry. Two of the Swedish American cultural contributions still visible in contemporary Minnesota include Svenskarnas Dag and the American Swedish Institute (ASI).

What nationality is Minnesota?

Over 75% of the state’s residents are of European descent. The principal ancestries of Minnesota residents are: 38.6% German. 17.0% Norwegian.

Why did Norwegians leave Norway?

One of the most consequential reasons why Norwegians chose to leave was overpopulation. Between 1800 to 1850, the Norwegian population increased by 59%, and in the fifty years following that it increased at the same rapid rate. [1] The Norway’s urban population did not substantially increase by comparison.

How many Scandinavians are in Minnesota?

According to 2010 census data, there are approximately 10,931,991 people of Scandinavian ancestry in the United States. The terms Scandinavian and Nordic are closely related and often erroneously used interchangeably.

Nordic and Scandinavian Americans.

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Total population
Minnesota 1,603,124
California 1,224,541
Washington 739,043
Wisconsin 728,248

What is the most common last name in Norway?


Rank Surname Type
1 Hansen patronymic
2 Johansen patronymic
3 Olsen patronymic
4 Larsen patronymic

What do Norwegians call Norway?

Norway has two official names: Norge in Bokmål and Noreg in Nynorsk.

What is No 1 Norway?

Norway ranked No.

Norway was also No. 1 out of 155 countries on the 2017 “World Happiness Report,” up from No. 4 the year before, followed by Denmark (last year’s No. 1), Iceland and Switzerland.