Best answer: How does Horatio find out that Hamlet is back in Denmark?

Horatio receives letters from a sailor sent by Hamlet. The first letter tells Horatio that pirates beset the ship on which Hamlet was being carried to England. In the ensuing battle, the pirates took Hamlet captive; they treated him well and brought him back to Denmark.

How does Hamlet find himself getting back to Denmark?

Although it seems unlikely to us, Hamlet is returned to Denmark by pirates who apparently attack the ship he is on. In a letter to Horatio that is delivered to sailors, Hamlet tells his friend the story of this pirate tale. When the pirate ship sails alongside Hamlet’s ship, he boards the pirate ship to escape.

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Who is first informed about Hamlet’s return to Denmark?

In Hamlet, Ophelia returns Hamlet’s letters and presents because she is acting according to the wishes of her father and Claudius. The two men hope to use this staged interaction to determine the true nature of Hamlet’s sanity.

How does Horatio know Hamlet?

Horatio is Hamlet’s trusted friend and confidant. When we first see Horatio in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, he is called upon by the castle guards to address the ghost that they have encountered. … Horatio is not afraid to speak his mind to Hamlet, either.

What details explain why Hamlet is back in Denmark?

Laertes is pleased that Hamlet has come back to Denmark, since it means that his revenge will not be delayed. Claudius agrees that Laertes deserves to be revenged upon Hamlet, and he is disposed to encourage Laertes to kill Hamlet, since Hamlet’s erratic behavior has made him a threat to Claudius’s reign.

What happens after Hamlet returns to Denmark?

In the letter, Hamlet says that his ship was captured by pirates, who have returned him to Denmark. He asks Horatio to escort the sailors to the king and queen, for they have messages for them as well. … Horatio takes the sailors to the king and then follows them to find Hamlet, who is in the countryside near the castle.

What news is revealed in Hamlet’s letter to Horatio?

What news is revealed through Hamlet’s letter to Horatio? He managed to escape Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and is now on a pirate ship and asks Horatio to come and get him or send someone to come and get him and bring him back.

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When they find out that Hamlet has returned to Denmark safely What do the King and Laertes plan to rid themselves of Hamlet for good?

Claudius and Laertes’s plan to kill Hamlet is to arrange a duel between Hamlet and Laertes.

Why do you think Hamlet asks Horatio to tell his story how does Horatio’s role in Hamlet’s life differ from that of other characters in the play?

How does Horatio’s role in Hamlet’s life differ from that of other characters in the play? … Horatio can portray hamlet’s story better than anyone because of how well he knows him. Hamlet tells horatio to let his story live because he knows that he is about to die and his story is one that can be related to.

What happened to Hamlet before two days at sea?

Before we were at sea for even two days, a pirate ship equipped for battle pursued us. We were too slow to escape, so we were forced to stand and fight. In the battle that followed I ended up on the pirate ship. Just then they left our ship behind, so I became the only prisoner on board.

Why is Horatio in Denmark?

Horatio explains that Denmark is under threat of invasion by the young Fortinbras, son of King Fortinbras who was killed in a battle over land by Hamlet’s father. … He thanks Laertes for coming home from university in Paris to attend the funeral of King Hamlet and gives him permission to return.

What happens to Horatio at the end of Hamlet?

5.2 Horatio offers to commit suicide and die with Hamlet, but Hamlet says he should stay alive to explain the whole sordid story instead.

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Is Horatio real in Hamlet?

Only Hamlet aknowledges Horatio’s existence. The ghost of Old Hamlet is seen by Hamlet, Horatio, and the guards.

What can you infer about the relationship between Hamlet and Horatio from this scene?

How would you describe the relationship between Horatio and Hamlet? They are close, and trust in each other as if they were family; they mentor each other. How does Hamlet respond to the story about the ghost’s appearances? He asks a lot of questions about the ghost and wants to see the ghost.

How will Hamlet’s sudden return affect the plot?

Expert Answers

Hamlet’s unexpected return prompts Claudius to plot Hamlet’s death with Laertes . Claudius knows that Laertes is angry at Hamlet because of his father’s death and later, his sister’s suicide. So Laertes makes an easy pawn for Claudius to manipulate.

How is Hamlet different when he returns from England what happened there?

For the first three acts of Hamlet, Hamlet seems wild, emotional, and upset. But when he returns from England, he is changed: resolved, focussed, and calm. Give examples of this transformation and account for them.