Best answer: What age do they graduate high school in Sweden?

To start off, here are a few facts about high school in Sweden: It is a 3-year education, you start the year you turn 16, and thus finish the year you turn 19 (that way everyone will be old enough to drink alcohol when they graduate), and it is actually not mandatory.

How many years is high school in Sweden?

Gymnasium (upper secondary school, sixth form or high school, years 10–12) is optional. There are eighteen regular national programmes of three years to choose from, six of which are preparatory for higher education such as university, and twelve of which are vocational.

How old is 9th grade in Sweden?

In Sweden, ninth grade is the last year of högstadiet (Middle school). The students are usually between 15 and 16 years old. That makes ninth grade an important grade for almost every student.

What is 12th grade in Sweden?

In Sweden, the twelfth grade does not officially exist, but its equivalent is the 2nd grade of secondary school or gymnasium. This is not compulsory, as education is only compulsory until 9th grade. Courses vary as students choose a specific program in 1st grade of secondary school or gymnasium.

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How old are 1st years in Sweden?

Education in Sweden

Type of education School Age
Primary and lower secondary education Comprehensive school (Grundskola) 9–10
Preschool class education Preschool class (Förskoleklass) 6–7

What age does school start in Sweden?

As mentioned in the article, children in Sweden start at 6/7 years old (7 compulsory) but we also have to remember that their childcare/nursery is highly subsidied from the Swedish government with a nursery place costing about £100 pounds per month and child, which makes a significant difference to working parents.

What grade is a 15 year old in Sweden?

After grade 9 (age 15/16), children can continue into Upper Secondary School (“gymnasium”), a non-compulsory 3-year program or take another form of educational program. Students can choose between schools located anywhere in the country and still receive benefits from government funding.

Is school in Sweden free?

Education in Sweden is compulsory and free for all children attending public schools between the ages of seven and 16. In addition to this system, expat parents also have the option of sending their children to a private or international school.

What age is high school?

Year / Grade Placement

Age UK Years US/International Grades
14 – 15 Year 10 High School
15 – 16 Year 11
16 – 17 Year 12 / Lower 6th
17 – 18 Year 13 / Upper 6th

Do grades matter in Sweden?

The grades most often used at universities in Sweden are fail (underkänt), pass (godkänt) and pass with distinction (väl godkänt). Every university or university college may choose a different grading system.

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Do Swedes get paid to attend school?

Sweden pays students to attend secondary school. The Swedish government pays a grant of about $120 to every student in the age group 16-20 years to attend secondary school classes. … Students can also avail a need based supplementary boarding grant in the range of $140 to $230.

Is Swedish hard to learn?

Swedish is a category 1 language, according to the FSI. This means that learning it is just as easy for native English speakers as learning French or Spanish. So, this makes Swedish one of the easiest languages to learn. That’s very promising for those who want to begin their studies.

How long is a school day in Sweden?

Students attend a minimum of 178 days and a maximum of 190 days annually. Students attend the first two grades for six hours daily. Older grades require them to attend eight hours daily. The academic year at institutes of higher learning in Sweden is divided into two semesters.

What country has the shortest school day?

After 40 minutes it was time for a hot lunch in the cathedral-like cafeteria. Teachers in Finland spend fewer hours at school each day and spend less time in classrooms than American teachers.

Does Sweden have homework?

Although homework is a natural part of most children’s schooling in Sweden, there are currently no regulations regarding homework in the national governing documents for public schools.