Can I change my room on Norwegian?

Since you booked directly with NCL all you have to do is call them and ask what it would cost to upgrade your cabin to the category you want.

Can you decorate your door on NCL?

“As per safety requirements, stateroom door decorations are strictly prohibited. Your stateroom steward has been instructed to remove and place all decorations inside the room. Thank you for your understanding and compliance with this safety policy.”

What is the difference between a balcony and club balcony on Norwegian?

On most Norwegian ships, the biggest difference between a standard balcony and what are now dubbed Club Balcony Suites is the bathroom. Often slightly roomier, the thing people most often rave about is the shower, which is both larger and features a rain-style showerhead.

What are the perks of a suite on NCL?

Suites and Penthouses

  • FREE Unlimited Open Bar.
  • FREE Shore Excursion Credits.
  • FREE Specialty Dining.
  • FREE WiFi.
  • FREE Friends & Family*
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What does gty mean on NCL?

A Guarantee stateroom (GTY) is one where there is no stateroom number assigned at the time of booking. A stateroom may be assigned any time after final payment has been received, up to the day of sailing. A Guarantee stateroom guarantees you a stateroom in the category you have paid for (Inside, Oceanview etc.).

What does a pineapple mean on a cruise ship?

On a cruise (and sometimes also on land) ‘pineapple’ is code for swinging or wife-swapping. If you see pineapple on a cruise ship door it means that the people in the cabin are up for meeting other couples for ‘adult fun’.

How much does it cost to retire on cruise ship?

The average cost of retirement facilities ranges from $3,500 to $10,500 a month, with an average of around $3,700. The average cost of a month at sea is comparable to this at around $3,000 a month for a standard room on a cruise ship.

Which NCL Haven is the best?

Which NCL Ship has the best Haven? If you’d like to experience NCL The Haven at its absolute best, we’d recommend sailing onboard one of Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ships, such as Norwegian Encore or Norwegian Bliss.

What is a mini suite on Norwegian?

As minisuites are about one cabin category away from suites, more suite-like amenities are sometimes offered to minisuite passengers. They include upgraded toiletries, a free round of drinks from your minibar or a welcome bottle of sparkling wine.

What does the Haven include on NCL?

Includes a bedroom with a luxury bath, plus a separate living and dining area. Sleeps up to four guests. Available on Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Jade, Norwegian Jewel, Norwegian Bliss, and Norwegian Pearl.

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How much do you tip a butler on a cruise?

Butler or cabin steward: During your cruise, you will have a lot of interaction with your butler or cabin steward and may want to tip a little extra. Consider tipping $3-5 per night, per person for exemplary service.

What is an owner’s suite on a cruise ship?

Owner’s Suites are laid out similar to Grand Suites, but are larger and more luxurious. They vary in size by ship, ranging from 450 to 600 square feet. The entry/bar area is expanded, with enough room for a small dining table, separate from the large living area.

What is stateroom guarantee?

A guaranteed stateroom is a cabin guaranteed to be in a particular stateroom category, but without an initially assigned number or location. Depending on the cruise line, these cabins can also be called guarantee cabins, unassigned cabins, or may be listed as a GTY category or a sailaway rate deal.

What is a gty stateroom?

At times we may offer you the option of making a ‘Guarantee’ (GTY) booking. This means you may book a stateroom of a guaranteed category type (Interior, Oceanview, Balcony or Suite) on your chosen ship and cruise. … Staterooms allocated may be subject to obstructed views.

What does gty mean on Disney Cruise?

Occasionally, Disney offers guests the opportunity to book a Guaranteed stateroom, or GTY. This means that you pay a certain price that is listed, guaranteeing that you will have a stateroom in that specific category of rooms, or better, though your stateroom will not be assigned until closer to sailing.