Can I rent a car in Norway with US driver’s license?

2. Re: Is US driver license good for renting Cars from Norway ? Yes, as long as you’re just visiting or have lived in Norway less than a year.

Can I drive in Norway with US license?

Driving rules in Norway depend on your country of citizenship. If your license was issued from a European Union country, you can use it in Norway without any issues. If you have a US license, you can use your own license (so no need to get an international license) for up to three months in Norway.

Can tourists drive in Norway?

In Norway, you can use a valid driving licence from any country for up to three months. You must meet the Norwegian age requirements. … If you have a temporary residence permit up to six months and a valid employment contract, you can drive in Norway with a driving licence from another country throughout your stay.

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Who can rent a car in Norway?

To rent a car in Norway, you must be at least 19 years old (age may vary by car category) and have held your license for 1 year. Drivers interested in renting a car under the age of 25 may incur a young driver surcharge.

Can I rent a car in Europe with US driver’s license?

Take it from the world-renowned expert on travel in Europe, Rick Steves: In most European countries, your American driver’s license and passport are all you need to rent a car. … When in doubt, check with the embassy of the country you’ll be visiting, or simply carry a permit just in case.

Does Norway require an international driver’s license?

Driver’s License in Norway

And you must carry your current overseas driver’s license, IDP or translation with you all the time when driving in Norway. Some car rental companies require you to have a photo ID license. … The minimum age to drive in Norway is 19 years (age may vary by different car group and company).

How do I get an international driver’s license in Norway?

You can obtain an international driving licence by contacting the Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF) (in Norwegian), the Royal Norwegian Automobile Club (KNA)(in Norwegian) or the Norwegian Abstaining Motorists Association (MA) (in Norwegian).

How much is a driver’s license in Norway?

Getting a driver’s license in Norway costs around 30,000 NOK, or $3,675. The cost for getting a driver’s license in Norway is exorbitant not because of license fees, but because of in-depth mandatory training combined with higher-than-average hourly rates for employees.

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Is driving in Norway difficult?

Driving is generally easy as traffic is calm, and most drivers are disciplined and law abiding, although moderate speeding is common on highways. … Norway has a long winter season and many roads are covered by ice or hard snow for months, while traffic runs largely uninterrupted.

What is the best month to go to Norway?

The best time to visit Norway is during the shoulder seasons, in spring (between May and June), and fall (between September and October), when the weather is amazing and there aren’t that many tourists. The high season to visit Norway is between mid-June and August.

Can you lease a car in Norway?

Leaseplan wanted to provide an easy and secure way to lease a car privately. … With 43,000 cars on the road in Norway, Leaseplan is Norway’s largest market operator in car administration and leasing.

Is car rental expensive in Norway?

Car rentals in Oslo are usually the cheapest in Norway at $60 per day on average. Tromsø usually has the highest priced car rentals in Norway with rentals averaging $80 per day.

What do I need to know about driving in Norway?

Some important facts about driving in Norway:

  • You must be 18 to drive a car, and 16 to drive a moped or tractor. …
  • Third party insurance is compulsory.
  • It is compulsory to have a red warning triangle and at least one, yellow, fluorescent vest in a roadworthy car in case of breakdown.

Can you drive in other countries with a US license?

You must be a permanent US resident at least 18 years of age and have a US driver’s license that will remain valid for the next six months. Your IDL/IDP lets you drive legally in foreign countries when accompanied by your valid US driver’s license. It is recognized in 174 countries. … An IDP is valid for one year.

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Can you rent a car in one country and return it to another Europe?

In most European countries, and with most rental companies, you can pick up your car in one city and return it at another with no extra charge. … That works fine for Milan and Rome or Nice and Paris, for example, but returning in a different country can easily cost $500 to $1500 extra.

Which countries accept international driving license?

List Of Countries Recognising International Driving Permit

Afghanistan Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) Ireland
Bahrain (1,2) Equatorial Guinea Korea (Republic)
Bangladesh Estonia Kuwait (1)
Barbados (1) Fiji Krygyzstan
Belgium Finland Laos