Can you sail from Shetland to Norway?

Norway is then only two days sailing from either departure point. It is also possible to cruise via Fair Isle to Shetland which greatly shortens the distance of “the crossing.” Bergen in Norway is less than 200nm from Lerwick and it is possible to sail, given fair weather, in about 36 hours.

Can you get a boat from Shetland to Norway?


Symril Line Ferries was established in 1982 with the aim of operating a passenger/vehicle ferry service on the North Atlantic linking Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Scotland/Shetland, Norway and Denmark. The North Atlantic Link has been succesfully operated with their MF.

Can you sail from Scotland to Norway?

Is there a ferry to Norway from the UK? Unfortunately gone are the days where you could hop onto the Newcastle-Bergen ferry, that sailed for the last time in 2008 after being established for over 140 years. The advent of cheap flights means there are currently no direct ferry routes between the UK and Scandinavia.

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How long is ferry from Shetland to Norway?

The ferry is the most leisurely way to get to Shetland and the anticipation of going to sleep in one place and waking up in another is all part of the adventure. Relax on the 12-13 hour journey in the comfort of a cabin, sleeping pod or reclining chair and make use of facilities, like the restaurant, bar and cinema.

How far is Shetland from Norway by sea?

The islands lie about 80 km (50 mi) to the northeast of Orkney, 170 km (110 mi) from Scotland and 220 km (140 mi) west of Norway. They form part of the border between the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the North Sea to the east.

Is there a ferry from Shetland to Faroe Islands?

You can get a ferry to the Faroe Islands from Iceland, Denmark, Norway, or the Shetlands. It can also be reached by air from Denmark and Iceland. The Faroe Islands consists of rugged green mountains fjords and countless waterfalls.

Is there a ferry from Shetland to Iceland?

Lerwick-Iceland takes around 30 hours. … Aberdeen-Lerwick with Northlink Ferries (0845 600 0449, is an overnight trip, but the ferries on both routes have excellent facilities. There are discounts for passengers under 26 (and partial discounts for senior citizens).

Can you sail to Norway from UK?

By ferry from the UK

Reservations are strongly recommended. There are three or four Harwich-to-Esbjerg sailings every week and the journey time is about eighteen hours.

How long does it take to sail from Scotland to Norway?

From a departure point of either Inverness or Kinlochbervie (on the west Coast) the Orkneys are easily reached in a long day, or, by stopping at Wick or Loch Eriboll, in two days. Norway is then only two days sailing from either departure point.

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Can I take a boat to Norway?

Four car ferry operators sail daily to several destinations in Norway. Travel to Norway by ferry. There are regular ferry routes to Norway from Denmark, Germany, and Sweden. … You can bring your bike instead of your car, or you can walk onboard and travel green through Norway.

Is there a ferry from Lerwick to Norway?

No ferry from Lerwick, nor flights from Sumburgh.

Is there a ferry from Shetland to Bergen?

Ferries from Lerwick. All major routes from Lerwick. Ferry Reservations enables you to book your ferry tickets from Lerwick to Seysdisfjordur, Kirkwall, Torshaven, Aberdeen and Bergen. Holmsgarth terminal is about 1 mile north of the town centre, opposite the Shetland Hotel, and is served by buses and taxis.

How far is Shetland from the mainland?

Shetland Islands, also called Zetland or Shetland, group of about 100 islands, fewer than 20 of them inhabited, in Scotland, 130 miles (210 km) north of the Scottish mainland, at the northern extremity of the United Kingdom.

Are the Shetland Islands closer to Norway or Scotland?

Shetland is actually closer to Norway than it is to the Scottish capital of Edinburgh and was under Norwegian control from the 9th century until it was transferred to the Scottish King James III in 1472.

How do you get to Shetland from Norway?

The cheapest way to get from Norway to Shetland Islands is to fly which costs kr 600 – kr 2500 and takes 9h 59m. What is the fastest way to get from Norway to Shetland Islands? The quickest way to get from Norway to Shetland Islands is to fly which costs kr 600 – kr 2500 and takes 9h 59m.

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Is Shetland close to Norway?

Situated around 200 miles north of Aberdeen and 200 miles west of Bergen, Norway, the Shetland Islands are the most remote part of the UK, but are surprisingly accessible thanks to regular ferry and air links.