Does Vodafone work in Norway?

Vodafone has scrapped roaming charges for UK customers in 40 countries, meaning they can use their plans there without additional costs. Countries in Vodafone’s roam-free destinations list include non-EU states such as Norway, Iceland and Turkey. …

What countries use Vodafone?

Vodafone Group has entered into arrangements with network operators in countries where the Group does not hold an equity stake.

  • Europe. Austria. Partner Market. …
  • North America. Canada. Partner Market. …
  • South America. Argentina. Partner Market. …
  • Africa. Angola. Partner Market. …
  • Asia. Armenia. Partner Market. …
  • Oceania. Australia.

Does Vodafone work all over Europe?

The UK network has dropped roaming charges to destinations across Europe. The UK network will no longer charge extra fees to use your phone in selected countries across Europe and Scandinavia, as long as you’re on a pay-monthly, SIM-only or small business contract. …

Can I use my Vodafone number abroad?

No, without international roaming activated, you will not receive the SMSs if you are roaming. But International roaming service is activated by default for prepaid SIMs. For Postpaid SIMs, you have to get it activated by calling or visiting your service provider.

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Is Vodafone Network International?

Vodafone will allow you to access 4G in 137 destinations worldwide, far more than any other network.

Does Vodafone work in Sweden?

Sweden, so here you are like home

Enjoy fully your home tariff or prepaid card without roaming surcharges. The only exception is free minutes and SMS to the Vodafone network.

Does Vodafone work in Greece?

EU destinations for international minutes include : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, …

Why is my Vodafone sim not working abroad?

Turn your device off and on again. Make sure international roaming is active on your account. You can manage your roaming settings through My Vodafone. Make sure international roaming is available where you are.

How do I activate International calls on Vodafone?

For most users, the service has been enabled by default. However, in some cases, the operator can ask customers to send SMS message “ACT ISD” to 144 to activate ISD service. You can make an ISD call on Vi by prefixing “+” followed by the area code and the phone number.

How do I keep my Vodafone SIM active while abroad?

For Vodafone,

  1. International roaming has to be activated before leaving India by sending a text SMS ACT IR to 144.
  2. Top up with around ₹300 every year on the Vodafone India website or at a shop.

Can I use UK SIM in Europe?

Travelling within Europe? Currently, you can still use your UK allowance of minutes, texts and data,without paying any extra charges if you’re in one of 30 countries outside the UK, including France, Italy and Spain (though some providers have a limit on the amount of data you can use).

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Can I activate international roaming on Vodafone India Sim while abroad?

To use your ViTM mobile in a foreign country, you need to activate International Roaming service on your mobile before you leave India. International Roaming service allows you to use your phone in a foreign country. However, all the usage is charged as per applicable standard International Roaming rates.

Can I use my Vodafone SIM in UK?

Vodafone has launched an international roaming pack across the United Kingdom and Europe at an effective rate of ₹ 180 per day. … In these countries, Vodafone subscribers can receive incoming calls for free, make any call for ₹ 1 per min and browse data at ₹ 1 per MB only, it said.

How do I keep my vi SIM active while abroad?

How to activate international roaming?

  1. Go to International roaming page on Vi website.
  2. Enter your 10-digit Vi™ Postpaid connection number, choose the country of travel and your preferred IR pack.
  3. Activate preferred International Roaming pack.
  4. OTP will be sent to your number, confirm OTP, and get your service activated.