Frequent question: What do France and New Zealand have in common?

What did the French do in New Zealand?

The French were amongst the earlier European settlers in New Zealand, and established a colony at Akaroa in the South Island. Captain Jean-François-Marie de Surville is the first known Frenchman to have visited New Zealand, in 1769, and by the 1830s, French whalers were operating off the Banks Peninsula.

How many people are French in New Zealand?

Table 2: Speakers of International languages in New Zealand, 2001, 2006 & 2013

Language 2001 2013
Northern Chinese 26,514 (6%) 52,263 (7%)
French 49,722 (10%) 49,125 (7%)
Yue 37,143 (8%) 44,625 (6%)
Sinitic 22,854 (5%) 42,753 (6%)

Why did the French immigrate to New Zealand?

Some came in search of gold, and a few arrived in the 1870s as assisted immigrants. The number of French-born residents peaked at 848 in 1881, and did not increase for almost 100 years. Between 1991 and 2013 the number of French-born residents more than quadrupled, from 858 to 3,762.

What countries does France get along with?

France borders Belgium and Luxembourg in the northeast, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy in the east, the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco, Spain, and Andorra in the south. France also shares maritime borders with the United Kingdom.

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Are France and NZ allies?

New Zealand was an ally of France.

Was New Zealand a French colony?

The signing of the Treaty of Waitangi (including two signatures gathered at Akaroa at the end of May 1840) and Lieutenant-Governor William Hobson’s declaration of sovereignty over the whole country on 21 May confirmed that New Zealand was, at least in European eyes, a British colony.

How do you say hello in New Zealand?

100% Pure New Zealand: Kia ora, New Zealand

Try to learn some Māori language phrases while you’re here – start with ‘Kia ora! ‘ – hello!

Is New Zealand a flag?

Flag of New Zealand

Use National flag and state ensign
Proportion 1:2
Adopted March 24, 1902 (In use since 1869)
Design A Blue Ensign with the a Union Jack in the first quarter and four five-pointed red stars with white borders on the fly representing the Southern Cross.
Designed by Albert Hastings Markham

Can Kiwis work in France?

New Zealanders aged between 18 and 30 can apply for a 12-month working holiday visa for France. … The reasons/bonafides of a quick return to France may be questioned as Working Holiday Visas enable holders to both work and visit for up to 12 months.

Can French travel to New Zealand?

French passport holders do not require a visa for visiting New Zealand for stays of less than 3 months.

Who immigrated to New Zealand?

For over 150 years after 1800, most people who migrated to New Zealand were from Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) and Ireland. Yet for them, New Zealand was the most distant place on earth. The journey by sea took 100 days, and voyagers endured rough seas, cramped conditions and illness.

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Is France a country Yes or no?

), officially the French Republic (French: République française), is a transcontinental country spanning Western Europe and overseas regions and territories in the Americas and the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Including all of its territories, France has twelve time zones, the most of any country.

What is the French flag called?

The “tricolore” (three-colour) flag is an emblem of the Fifth Republic. It had its origins in the union, at the time of the French Revolution, of the colours of the King (white) and the City of Paris (blue and red). Today, the “tricolour” flies over all public buildings.

What is France known for?

France is famous for the Eiffel Tower in Paris and sweet-scented lavender fields in Provence. It’s a well-known tourist destination that offers museums, art galleries and fine cuisine. France is also known for its varied landscapes, from the mountains in the Alps to the dazzling beaches of Marseille, Corsica and Nice.