How bad is Sweden’s pollution?

Even though Sweden has one of Europe’s lowest levels of air pollution, each year about 7600 people die prematurely due to exposure to air pollutants, primarily nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter, according to a new study by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Umeå University.

Does Sweden have the cleanest air?

Umeå in northeast Sweden, has been named as having the cleanest air in Europe, according to a new report by the European Environment Agency (EEA). The EEA published The European city air quality viewer, an interactive tool showing the air pollution levels in 323 cities in Europe.

Does Sweden have good air quality?

Sweden’s air quality is among the best in the world, according to a new report from environmental campaign organization Greenpeace and software company AirVisual. The study was based on measurements of PM 2.5 particles in 73 countries in 2018, and ranked countries from the highest air particle measurement to the least.

Why is Sweden pollution free?

An environmental pioneer

Since then, Sweden has not looked back, managing to grow its economy substantially while reducing carbon emissions and limiting pollution. More than half of Sweden’s national energy supply comes from renewables and a thorough legislation aims at further reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Why is Swedens air quality so good?

On average, the air quality in Sweden is good. … Air pollution in Sweden is mainly driven by traffic, energy production and industry, especially in urban areas.

Is Sweden the cleanest country in the world?

Sweden is no different as it is consistently on the list of the cleanest countries in the world over the years. This Nordic country has a population of only 9.1 million people. The Swedish government gives importance to keep a cleaner environment by increasing its greenery.

What country has the worst air?

List of most-polluted cities by particulate matter concentration

Position Country PM2.5
1 India 173
2 India 172
3 India 149
4 India 146

Where is the cleanest air in the world?

Puerto Rico. In a listing of 106 countries, Puerto Rico tops the spot for the country with the cleanest air in the world.

What country is the most polluted?

World air quality report

Rank Country/Region 2019 AVG
1 Bangladesh 83.30
2 Pakistan 65.80
3 India 58.10
4 Mongolia 62.00

How does Sweden control pollution?

Under the Air Pollution Control Ordinance (2018:740), the Swedish Government is required to adopt a national air pollution control programme. … In this, the first national air pollution control programme, the focus is mainly on measures that need to be taken to meet the emissions ceilings.

Does Stockholm Sweden have smog?

At the end of 2020, Stockholm was enjoying “Good” quality air with a US AQI level of just 10. This is based on recommendations from the World Health Organisation (WHO). The concentrations of pollutants which were measured are as follows: PM2. 5 – 2.3 µg/m³, PM10 – 4.2 µg/m³ and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) – 4.4 µg/m³.

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How much pollution does Sweden have?

Sweden produced 45.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2020, a reduction of nearly four percent compared to 2019 levels. CO2 emissions in Sweden have fallen considerably since peaking in 1979, and since 1990 they have reduced by more than 30 percent.

Why is Sweden so eco friendly?

Sweden is the most sustainable country in the world, a ranking it earned for its use of renewable energy sources and low carbon dioxide emissions, as well as social and governance practices such as labor participation, education and institutional framework, according to a report by sustainability investment firm …

What are Sweden’s environmental issues?

Based on relevant and current information, Sweden’s three most pressing environmental issues are acid rain damage to soils and lakes, sea level rise, and pollution of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, all of which will be briefly described next.

What country produces the least pollution?

Australia topped the list as least polluted country in the world, with 7 cities in the top 25. Switzerland is ranked as one of the least polluted countries in the world. Australia, Canada, and Finland were the only countries having at least 3 cities ranking in the top 25 cities with the cleanest, least polluted air.