How do Norwegians eat lefse?

They are eaten with savoury, salty foods or with sweet foods. Common savoury fillings include cured ham and cheese. They can also be served as wraps, with fillings such as smoked salmon and cream cheese. Common sweet fillings are sugar and cinnamon.

How do you serve Norwegian lefse?

Serve the lefse with scrambled eggs and smoked fish, or cheese and jam, or gjetost, or butter and cinnamon-sugar, or hot dogs, or really any topping that appeals to you. Lefse can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for a few days.

How was lefse traditionally eaten?

American lefse is sometimes served with butter, cinnamon sugar, brown sugar, or lingonberry jelly before being rolled, to be eaten like a crêpe. One may add eggs, sausage, and cheese to make it into a breakfast burrito. One may also roll Smørrebrød into their lefse.

What is the best way to eat lefse?

The most quintessential way to eat lefse is to spread it with sweet butter, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, and then roll it up. This is makes an afternoon snack of surpassing quality.

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Is lefse served warm?

Make Ahead: The potato mixture needs to be refrigerated overnight (and up to 2 days). Make the dough just before you cook it. The lefse are best served fresh and warm, but they can be wrapped between layers of plastic wrap and refrigerated for a few days or frozen for longer-term storage.

What is a traditional Norwegian meal?


The national dish of Norway, fårikål, is hearty mutton and cabbage stew, typically served with boiled potatoes. The list of ingredients is scarce: only mutton, cabbage, salt, pepper, and water, although some recipes call for the broth to be thickened with flour.

Is lefse like a tortilla?

It rolls like a flour tortilla. It folds like a flour tortilla. But it’s lefse (pronounced LEF-sah), a Norwegian flatbread often made with mashed potatoes. … Like a tortilla, the lefse is rolled out and baked on a hot, round griddle on the stovetop, an electric lefse cooker or even on a Mexican comal (griddle).

Is lefse eaten in Norway?

Lefse is a traditional soft flatbread from Norway which is typically eaten around Christmas. It’s basically a potato pancake, and it’s best served with some butter and sugar. … Lefse is also eaten together with lutefisk, where the fish is rolled up inside the lefse.

When did Norwegians start making lefse?

Modern lefse came about long after the Viking age ended. Most historians agree that potatoes first arrived in Norway sometime in the 1750s, likely brought back home by traveling priests and soldiers. Shortly thereafter, potato lefse – and many other Norwegian potato dishes – started appearing.

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Was there a potato famine in Norway?

The potato blight, responsible for the Irish Potato Famine (1845-1849), spread to Norway causing famine hunger and disease. It is estimated that 50,000 Norwegians died during this terrible time.

Do Swedish people eat lefse?

Lefse plays an important role in Scandinavian tradition. During the holiday season no meal is complete without a plate of buttered lefse.

What does lefse taste like?

Taste the Lefse dough as you go, it should taste like potatoes not flour. The dough should be slightly salty and buttery, but be careful not to over-do-it on the salt.

Should lefse be refrigerated?

Lefse should be refrigerated or frozen. Our lefse is made with no preservatives, so it can take a week or so in the fridge. In the refrigerator, it needs to stay in its sealed package or it will dry out. … Lefse can be kept 6 months in the freezer if properly wrapped.

Why is my lefse crispy?

A: Crispy edges are almost always the result of the edges of the lefse being rolled to thin. You want to roll a uniformly thick sheet of lefse, right to the edges. … If you poke the potatoes with a fork and they fall apart they are overdone for lefse.

Is Norwegian brown cheese healthy?

To what extent brunost is healthy has been the subject of some controversy in Norway. Brunost contains high amounts of calcium, proteins and vitamin B, as well as Iodine, which is beneficial. It also does not, as other cheeses do, contain salt.

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What is a lefse grill?

A lefse griddle is a very large, flat, round cooking surface designed specially for baking the Norwegian flat bread called “lefse.” It has no edges on it and just a slightly raised rim. … The griddles are normally operated at 245 to 260 C (475 to 500 F), and used ungreased.