How do you answer the phone in Denmark?

How do you answer the phone in Danish?

However, Danish people all answer their phones by stating their name and surname. I find this strange on so many levels. First of all the caller is the one ‘intruding’ into the life of the person who is answering, and the person who holds all the cards in controlling the call at that stage.

What is a common thing to say when you answer the telephone?

“Hello?” is still the most common way of answering the phone in English, especially with your home phone. Some people answer using their phone number instead (“098 7776 7654” etc), but this is a little old-fashioned.

How do different cultures answer the phone?

The proper way to answer a phone call is to say one’s last name, and follow it with “guten tag,” which is “hello.” Tamil is a major language in southern India. Phones there are answered with “Sollunga,” roughly “tell me.” If you were in the Netherlands, you’d answer “Met,” and then say your first name.

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Why do you say hello when you answer the phone?

The dictionary says it was Thomas Edison who put hello into common usage. He urged the people who used his phone to say “hello” when answering. His rival, Alexander Graham Bell, thought the better word was “ahoy.”

Why do we say Alo on the phone?

The use of hello as a telephone greeting has been credited to Thomas Edison; according to one source, he expressed his surprise with a misheard Hullo. Alexander Graham Bell initially used Ahoy (as used on ships) as a telephone greeting. However, in 1877, Edison wrote to T. B. A.

How do receptionists answer the phone?

A receptionist’s greeting sets the tone for the call. Answering with an upbeat message can calm an angry caller.

Here are the essential components of a warm, welcoming phone greeting:

  1. Greet the caller with “Hi” or “Hello”
  2. Thank the caller.
  3. Recite the name of the business.
  4. State your name.
  5. Ask how you can help.

How do you answer the phone?

How to answer the phone professionally

  1. Answer by the third ring. It’s courteous to pick up the phone promptly to avoid making callers wait. …
  2. Offer a greeting. …
  3. Speak with a smile. …
  4. Be clear. …
  5. Avoid slang. …
  6. Be positive. …
  7. Ask before you put someone on hold. …
  8. Take messages accurately.

How should I answer the phone at work?

#5 When talking to a client or a customer never say anything that can be taken as rudeness. The person who answers the phone should always talk to the caller in the way that he or she would like someone to speak to them.

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How do Brits answer the phone?

With a home phone or mobile, just answering the phone with “Hello?” is standard in English. If you can see who is calling (e.g. on your smartphone screen) and know them (well), it has become more common to greet them by name straightaway instead, e.g. “Hi Steve.

How should I answer my boss phone call?

Speak clearly and directly into your mouthpiece.

You should also try smiling as you answer and talk on the phone. Most callers, including your boss, can hear a smile through your voice and tone. This can reflect favorably on your boss, especially if you work in industries associated with sales and customer service.

How do you say hello on the phone in different languages?

How To Say Hello In Different Languages: 21 Ways To Greet The World

  1. French. Formal: Bonjour. Informal: Salut.
  2. Spanish. Formal: Hola. Informal: ¿Qué tal? (What’s up?)
  3. Russian. Formal: Zdravstvuyte. …
  4. Chinese. Formal: Nǐn hǎo. …
  5. Italian. Formal: Salve. …
  6. Japanese. Formal: Konnichiwa. …
  7. German. Formal: Guten Tag. …
  8. Portuguese. Formal: Olá