How is Beowulf greeted when he lands in Denmark?

When he lands in Denmark, Beowulf is cautiously greeted at first, then warmly welcomed. … As he did with Grendel, Beowulf insists on meeting the monster’s mother unarmed. False. Beowulf mocks Unferth for lending him a useless sword.

How is Beowulf greeted when he arrives in Denmark?

How is Beowulf first greeted when he arrives in Denmark? Beowulf is greeted by the coastguard of Danes, he can tell they came for a noble purpose.

Who greeted Beowulf his men?

1. 1. Hrothgar’s herald greets Beowulf and his men.

Why does Beowulf visit Denmark?

Beowulf sails to Denmark in order to come to the aid of King Hrothgar and his people who are being attacked by the hideous monster Grendel.

When the Beowulf arrives in Denmark who confronts them?

Beowulf and his men arrive at Herot, where they are warmly greeted by Hrothgar, who had sheltered Beowulf’s father years earlier. lines 499-661. Beowulf is confronted by the Danish warrior Unferth, who challenges — in a ritual called flyting — the veracity of his claim to have defeated Brecca in a swimming competition.

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How are Beowulf and his men received when they arrive on the Danish shore?

How are Beowulf and his men received when they arrive on the Danish shore? Hrothgar’s lieutenant demands to know their business before they can proceed. … The watchmen believes Beowulf and decides to escort him, himself, to the court of Hrothgar. Describe Beowulf’s boasts upon meeting Hrothgar, king of the Danes.

How does Beowulf introduce himself to the Danish watchman?

Beowulf to establish his credentials by telling his side of the Breca story, which enhances his stature in the eyes of the Danes. A young kinsman and retainer of Beowulf who helps him in the fight against the dragon while all of the other warriors run away.

Why is Beowulf not immediately welcomed upon his arrival in Denmark?

Q. Which of the following options most closely explains why Beowulf is not immediately welcomed upon his arrival in Denmark? … Beowulf did not bring any offerings or gifts from the king of Geatland.

Why does Beowulf travel from Sweden to Denmark?

Why does Beowulf travel to Denmark? He wants to help Hrothgar defeat Grendel. … Beowulf could not pay the wergild, so his people sent him away. He landed on Denmark and Hrothgar said he would help Ecgtheow and pay back the Wulfings (wergild).

Why does Beowulf journey across the sea to the land of the Danes is this trip more for others or himself what does this show us about his character?

Beowulf travels from his own home in Geatland to that of the Danes because of the terror that the monster Grendel has brought upon that land. Grendel had wreaked havoc upon the Danes for twelve years before Beowulf arrives.

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What line does Beowulf go to Denmark?

In the land of the Geats, today southwestern Sweden, the most powerful of all living warriors — Beowulf — hears of Hrothgar’s dilemma. A nephew and thane of King Hygelac, Beowulf carefully chooses 14 of the finest warriors in Geatland to sail to Denmark.

When Beowulf first begins speaking his boast he talks of?

When Beowulf first speaks to Hrothgar upon arriving in the land of the Danes, he tells Hrothgar that he is qualified to fight their monster, Grendel. He says that his people, the Geats, have seen his strength in war where he’s proven himself a good fighter.

What is Beowulf one request?

What one request does Beowulf make of Hrothgar? Beowulf asks Hrothgar to allow him and his men alone to drive Grendel from Herot. Beowulf tell Hrothgar that if Grendel defeats him, the Danish king should send the mail of his armor to Higlac, and return the inheritance he had from Hrethel.

Who do the Danes turn to before Beowulf comes?

1. Following Scyld’s death the kingship of the Danes passed to Scyld’s son Beowulf [not the hero of this epic], then in turn to his son Healfdene, then to his son Hrothgar. Each of these successors proved to be a venerable leader. I have heard tell how Hrothgar had a great mead-hall built.