How much does train from Copenhagen to Malmo cost?

Is it worth going to Malmo from Copenhagen?

Malmo is a nice town but nothing compared to Copenhagen. If you have a free day, it is certainly worth a visit but I would sacrifice any time in Copenhagen or the surrounds for it. I personally would recommend Roskilde or Helsingor as better day trip options than Malmo.

How much is a taxi from Copenhagen to Malmo?

There are 3 different transfer options from Copenhagen (CPH) airport to Malmö; you can take a taxi, a bus or a train. A taxi takes 30 minutes and costs around €125 (930 DKK) depending on traffic conditions.

Do I need passport from Copenhagen to Malmo?

Passport checks between Copenhagen and Malmö

Swedish police still make ID checks on buses and trains entering Sweden, and do so sometimes at the bridge toll booths too, so always have your passport with you.

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How do you cross from Copenhagen to Malmo?

Train between Copenhagen and Malmö The train between Copenhagen and Malmö is called the Øresundståg. The train trip costs about 77 DKK/110 SEK each way and goes all day between Copenhagen and Malmö central station. Trains leave approximately every 10 minutes.

How much does it cost to cross the bridge from Copenhagen to Malmo?

Train travel is much better as it runs every 20 minutes and takes around 20-25 minutes to reach Malmo, Sweden from Copenhagen airport. If you drive, bridge toll will be around 45 euro and is way expensive! But, this is one of the best bridge in its kind.

Can you walk across the bridge between Denmark and Sweden?

The Øresund crossing, made famous in the Nordic Noir detective series The Bridge, allows drivers to travel at up to 90 kilometres an hour and includes a motorway tunnel as well as an open air road section. It is not open to pedestrians.

How much is a taxi from Copenhagen Airport to Malmo?

Fares. The typical cost of a one-way trip from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö is about 930 DKK (1,200 SEK).

How do I get from Copenhagen Airport to Central Station?

From the airport you can travel to Copenhagen Central Station by bus as well. You’ll go by bus 5c and it takes around 35 minutes. The bus stop is just outside of Terminal 3. Besides the public busses you will also find other bus companies at the airport.

Does the train from Copenhagen to Malmo go over the bridge?

Safety and traffic. The Øresund Bridge has generated a significant increase in traffic across Øresund. … Around two-thirds of those travelling across the Øresund Bridge go by train, with the journey between Malmö and Copenhagen taking 35 minutes.

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Can Swedes enter Denmark?

From the 25’th of oktober 2021, all travellers arriving from EU og Schengen countries, including Sweden, are free to enter Denmark if they can present a valid corona passport (proof of vaccination, former infection or a negative test against covid-19).

Is there border control between Denmark and Sweden?

Border control when traveling to Denmark from Sweden

The Danish government have introduced temporary border control from Sweden to Denmark. The border controls will be conducted by the ferry in Rønne, Helsingør, Frederikshavn og Grenaa, as well as by the Øresund bridge and by the train from Sweden to Denmark.

How much does it cost to drive from Malmo to Copenhagen?

The quickest way to get from Copenhagen to Malmö is to drive which costs 35 kr – 55 kr and takes 38 min. Is there a direct bus between Copenhagen and Malmö? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Copenhagen central train station station and arriving at Malmö central train station station.

Does Denmark require quarantine?

Fully vaccinated travelers from the United States are also exempt from testing and quarantine requirements upon arrival in Denmark. … Unvaccinated travelers from the United States who have a worthy purpose of visit must have a negative COVID test to be admitted to Denmark.

Does Malmo have a subway?

The railway starts at a new underground station section built beneath Malmö C, called Malmö C Nedre (Lower). From there, the railway runs in a tunnel to the new Triangeln underground station, 25 meters underground in central Malmö.