How much space does Norway spruce need?

Plant the Norway spruce trees 6 feet apart in rows, with the rows being 8 feet apart when using three rows. When the amount of rows increases to greater than three rows, the separation between trees should increase to 8 feet, with spacing between rows increasing to between 10 and 12 feet.

Can you keep a Norway spruce small?

They provide year round color and interest while providing privacy for the homeowner. However, most evergreens grow larger than many homeowners have space for. An ideal choice for a smaller size evergreen is the Paul’s Select Norway Spruce. … This well shaped evergreen requires little to no maintenance.

What happens if you plant Norway spruce too close together?

Too many people and other nurseries plant trees/shrubs too close together thinking they are going to get a windbreak faster, not true, it is actually going to decrease the growth rate, long term survival, and effectiveness as the bottom branches die out letting the wind blow threw, and weaken the whole tree.

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Do Norway spruce have deep roots?

Problems. The root system of a Norway spruce is typically shallow, lacking a deep taproot and making the tree susceptible to high winds blowing it over.

How big are Norway spruce roots?

Long root meristems of Norway spruce may show diameters of up to 3–4 mm and lengths of 0.2 m or more, especially in coarse soil pores like earth worm galleries, at the soil surface and in other zones of physically unrestricted growth (Puhe, 1994).

How far apart should I plant spruce trees?

You can plant American arborvitae trees (Thuja occidentalis) 3 feet apart, but most evergreens need more space. For instance, cedars and junipers need 6 to 8 feet between them, while pines and spruces need 10 to 12 feet of spacing.

How far do spruce roots spread?

Most tree roots spread 2-3 times the radius of the canopy, and often reach out 5 times the radius of the tree canopy or more in dry conditions.

How far apart should I plant Norway spruce trees?

The Norway Spruce adds great texture and huge heights to the home landscape. This long living tree is perfect for a tall windbreak or privacy screen. Plant 12 to 15 feet apart for a tight screen.

Are Norway spruce good for privacy?

Norway spruce is one of our favorite privacy screen plants (and also a terrific windbreak), but a mature Norway spruce is 20 feet across at the base, and grows over 50 feet tall. This is a good choice for homeowners with larger yards, or people with small backyards who don’t need the space.

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How quickly does a Norway spruce grow?

The Norway Spruce is a fast growing (2-3′ per year) evergreen that has dark green needles that are 1 inch long, and can grow up to 5 ft a year in a good weather year.

Do Norway spruce need full sun?

Norway Spruce performs best in full sun. Although it can survive in some shade, the form of Norway Spruce becomes loose and unsightly when it receives less than 6 hours of direct sun. Be aware of available light when siting this tree for best results. Norway Spruce, like other spruces, is mostly deer resistant.

Will Norway spruce tolerate wet soil?

As a conifer, it can go into shut-down mode when irrigation is lacking. At the same time, it is one evergreen that tolerates wet soil. Plant it in marshy soil and it will thrive. You can plant Norway spruce in sun, shade, or partial shade and it grows just the same.

Is Norway spruce invasive?

Editor’s note: Some spruce trees, like the Norway spruce (Picea abies), were introduced to North America from Europe, and are now considered invasive species. As they invade an area, the Norway creates a new habitat that few native plants can tolerate.

When can you transplant Norway spruce?

Answer: Early spring (before bud break) is the best time to transplant evergreens. Evergreens can also be transplanted in late summer (late August to mid-September).

Is a Norway pine the same as a Norway spruce?

ANSWER: Pinus resinosa (red pine/Norway Pine) is native to the Northeast US and Canada despite its misleading name. Norway Spruce (Picea abies) is native to Europe so we do not have a lot of information about it in our database.

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