Is Bergen or Oslo better?

Although Oslo may top Bergen with its highly innovative buildings and history, Bergen is no doubt far more scenic than Oslo. Seven mountains surround Bergen (yes, seven), and the most easily visited is Fløyen, which is reachable by funicular.

Which is the best city to live in Norway?

Top cities to live in Norway

  • Arendal. …
  • Bergen. …
  • Trondheim. …
  • Stavanger. …
  • Alesund. …
  • Fredrikstad. …
  • Tromso. …
  • Kristiansand. Located in the Southern part of Norway, this city is a good choice for UK expats to move to as it has one thing that distinguishes it from the rest of the Norwegian cities – it has the best beach in the country.

What is the richest part of Norway?

List of Counties by GDP per capita

Rank County GDP per capita in USD (PPP)
1 Oslo 87,011
2 Rogaland 55,384
3 Hordaland 52,628
4 Sør-Trøndelag 51,109

Is the train from Bergen to Oslo scenic?

Bergen and Oslo are two of Norway’s most beautiful cities. The train from Bergen to Oslo takes passengers through some amazing scenery that’s sure to captivate your senses! You’ll pass such picturesque places as highlands in the north, lush forests, as well as greenery along the higher ground, and many more.

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Is Bergen Norway a nice place to live?

Bergen, Norway, is among the top cities with a free business environment. According to our city rankings, this is a good place to live with high ratings in safety, healthcare and environmental quality.

Where should I live in Bergen Norway?

These are some of the most popular neighbourhoods for residents and tourists alike in central Bergen.

  • Sentrum (The Centre) Unsurprisingly, living in the centre of town is hugely popular. …
  • Fjellsiden. …
  • Sandviken. …
  • Nordnes. …
  • Solheimsviken. …
  • Nygårdshøyden. …
  • Møhlenpris.

Is Bergen a rich city?

Bergen, Norway, as seen from Fløyen. … According to the report, it is already at the forefront of the Norway’s economy, but McKinsey’s researchers predict it will rise to become one of the richest cities globally. “It serves as the hub for Norway’s energy industry, shipping, and marine research”, writes the report.

Where do the rich live in Oslo?

Bygdøy is a peninsula to the southwest of the city centre with leafy, spacious properties. It is considered the most affluent area in Oslo.

Is Norway richer than Sweden?

The GDP of Sweden is $517Bn, while the GDP of Norway is $392Bn – Sweden has a higher Gross Domestic Product. The GDP/capita of Sweden is $52K/year. Norway with $73K/year has a higher GDP per inhabitant. The Swedish national debt is approximately $222Bn.

Is Bergen worth visiting?

Bergen is an exciting city to visit, and is a great representation of the country. Unlike Oslo, Bergen doesn’t really feel like a ‘city’ in the traditional sense. It feels more like a big town surrounded by mountains and fjords.

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Is Bergen Norway expensive?

Unfortunately, food and drinks in Bergen are shockingly expensive, to the point that backpacker-types will find the place to be very frustrating. Everything, even in supermarkets, costs double what it does in most expensive European cities.

Is Oslo worth visiting?

With good weather it is absolutely beautiful and worth a visit. Oslo is more a typical Scandinavian capital, combining past, present and the future – such as Copnhagen and Stockholm. It has also some very romantic old districts but also the very modern business buildings at main station or the new opera.

Should I move to Bergen?

While the cost of living in Norway is high compared to many other countries around the world, wages are, generally, higher too. Bergen has a very low crime rate and is a family-friendly city, with a natural playground on its doorstep. All of these reasons make it a destination of choice for many expats.

Is Bergen safe?

Although Bergen is generally a very safe city, pickpockets are known to operate around the fish market and Bryggen areas, so keep a close watch on your belongings. Also beware any convenience stores around the harbour area with no prices on display; you’re likely to be ripped off.

Does Bergen have snow?

Bergen weather in winter

It normally does snow in Bergen some periods during the winter, but it is very unpredictable and might only stay for a short while. … In winter, when the temperature is often just a few degrees above freezing, you might like to wear a wool underlayer.