Is Edinburgh north of Copenhagen?

Is Copenhagen north of Edinburgh?

Is Edinburgh more north than Copenhagen? Glasgow and Edinburgh are further north than Copenhagen or Malmo… Scotland share the same latitudes of the demographic and historic core of Scandinavia. Helsinki parralel is just about 200km further north as Scotland.

Which is further north Glasgow or Copenhagen?

But Glasgow is a tiny bit further north than Moscow (55°45′N), which has an average January temperature roughly half of Glasgow’s, at 20.5 °F. Glasgow also is slightly further north than Copenhagen (55°41′N), the capital of Denmark.

How far north is Edinburgh?

Distance facts

Edinburgh is 3,865.79 mi (6,221.38 km) north of the equator, so it is located in the northern hemisphere. How far is it from Edinburgh to the South Pole? From Edinburgh to the South Pole, it is 10,084.88 mi (16,230.05 km) in the north.

Is Edinburgh north of Moscow?

Moscow shares roughly the same latitude as which two capital cities in Scandinavia and Western Europe? Answer: Copenhagen, Denmark, and Edinburgh, Scotland. All three cities are at 55 degrees north latitude.

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What Scottish city is further north?

Inverness. Inverness is Scotland’s most northerly city.

What latitude is Copenhagen?

Carlisle is the most northerly city in England, and the only city in Cumbria. It is situated less than ten miles from the Scottish border.

How many degrees north is Edinburgh?

The latitude of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK is 55.953251, and the longitude is -3.188267. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK is located at United Kingdom country in the Cities place category with the gps coordinates of 55° 57′ 11.7036” N and 3° 11′ 17.7612” W.

What is someone from Edinburgh called?

The correct term is Dunediner and refers to the old name of the town, Dunedin, although Edinburgher does seem to be used alot (mainly by Glaswegians). Seth, Edinburgh UK.

Is Scotland more north than Alaska?

The northernmost point of Scotland is further north than the southernmost part of Alaska. That’s more accurate.

Why is Edinburgh called Athens of the North?

Edinburgh became a major intellectual centre, earning it the nickname “Athens of the North” because of its many neo-classical buildings and reputation for learning, recalling ancient Athens.

Is Canada further north than UK?

Even the southernmost point of Britain is further north than the northernmost part of the contiguous United States (the 48 adjoining states, so this does not include Alaska or Hawaii), while London lies further north than almost all major Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec City, and Toronto.

Is Edinburgh further west than Liverpool?

Which UK city is situated further west Liverpool or Edinburgh? Edinburgh is to the west of Liverpool.

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How far north is Scotland?

Scotland is 3,903.13 mi (6,281.48 km) north of the equator, so it is located in the northern hemisphere. How far is it from Scotland to the South Pole? From Scotland to the South Pole, it is 10,122.23 mi (16,290.15 km) in the north.