Is PewDiePie in Sweden?

Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, Kjellberg registered his YouTube channel “PewDiePie” in 2010, primarily posting Let’s Play videos of horror and action video games.

Is PewDiePie still in Sweden?

You might be surprised to find out that the Swedish internet sensation in fact lives right here in Sussex. Felix Kjellburg moved to Brighton with his wife Marzia in 2013, and has lived in the seaside town for most of his YouTube career.

Is PewDiePie big in Sweden?

Felix Kjellberg, better known on the internet platforms as PewDiePie, had the most viewed channel on YouTube in Sweden, as of December 2020. In fact, his videos, focused mainly on gaming and comedy, were viewed over 24 billion times.

Where in Sweden is PewDiePie from?

Гётеборг, Швеция
PewDiePie/Место рождения
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