Quick Answer: Are dogs allowed in Norway?

You may take a dog, cat or ferret with you to Norway if you satisfy the requirements. ID-marking, rabies vaccination and tapeworm treatment are some of the requirements if you are to take your pet with you to Norway to live or for a holiday, or if you have travelled abroad with a pet and now want to return.

Is Norway a dog friendly country?

While I wouldn’t list Norway as one of the most dog-friendly countries in Europe, it’s still a wonderful destination to visit with your dog. And with its spectacular scenery, especially during the short summer months, it can make for a great summer road trip with your pup.

Do Norwegians like dogs?

In Norway, this bond between humans and dogs is as strong as anywhere else in the world. You’ll often see a Norwegian with a dog, whether is a boisterous Norwegian Elkhound in one western Norway’s scenic fjord-side towns or a pampered chihuahua on the streets of Oslo. Norway loves dogs.

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Can I bring a pet to Norway?

Pet relocation

When moving to Norway from abroad, you may bring your pet with you without paying any customs duty or VAT, provided that you have lived abroad for at least one year, and that you have owned the pet.

Can I move my dog to Norway?

All pets must have an original Rabies Certificate signed by the vet. The Rabies vaccine must be at least 21 days old at the time of the final health exam and endorsement. Further details regarding the rabies vaccine: Pets may travel to Norway with a current one year vaccine (also known as a “primary” vaccine).

What dogs are illegal in Norway?

Banned dogs (breeds) in Norway

  • The Pit Bull Terrier.
  • The American Staffordshire Terrier.
  • The Fila Brasilerio.
  • The Toso Inu.
  • The Dogo Argentino.
  • The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.

Which country is best for dogs?

The 20 Most Dog-Friendly Countries In The World

  • France.
  • Switzerland.
  • Italy.
  • Canada.
  • Great Britain.
  • Germany.
  • The Netherlands.
  • Austria.

What is Norway’s national dog?

The Norwegian Elkhound is one of the Northern Spitz-type breed of dog and is the National Dog of Norway.

What is the most common pet in Norway?

Cats seemed to be a very popular pet in Norway; the number increased in recent years and peaked in 2018 at 770 thousand animals.

How much do dogs cost in Norway?

Prices may vary between NOK 9,000 to 18,000 more or less because it depends on the breed, and if the owner provides additional documents.

How can I take my dog to Norway?

Bringing pets from EU countries to Norway

  1. The animal must be ID-marked. They must be identified by a microchip or clearly readable tattoo.
  2. The animal must have a valid anti-rabies vaccination. …
  3. The animal must have received an anti-echinococcus treatment (dogs only). …
  4. The animal must have a pet passport.
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Can you take a dog to Norway from UK?

Many dogs and cats travel from UK to Norway every year as the human members of the family relocate. Step 2: Your dog or cat needs a rabies vaccination. … The pets must be at least 12 weeks old before they can have the vaccination.

Can I bring my dog to Svalbard?

You are not permitted to import live mammals and birds to Svalbard, with the exception of cage birds, rabbits and small rodents from Norway and Sweden and cage birds from Finland. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority can grant permission for importing a dog.

Are Staffordshire bull terriers banned in Norway?

In Norway, pit bulls, American Staffordshire terriers (Amstaffs), Fila Brasileros, Tosa Inu, Dogo Argentinio and Czechoslovakian wolfhounds are all illegal.

Is it legal to own a monkey in Norway?

Norway is not a member of the European Community. Unlike animals in the European Community, Norwegian animals have not yet obtained legal status as ”sentient beings”. In contemporary Norwegian law, animals only have legal status as property or nature.

Can I move to Norway from USA?

In order to apply for a residence permit to Norway from the United States you must either be a citizen of the US or have a residence permit in the US. You must have had the residence permit for at least six months before you can apply for a residence permit to Norway.