What does Raho mean in New Zealand?

English Translation. report. More meanings for raho. testicle noun.

What does Koro mean in New Zealand?

nounWord forms: plural koro New Zealand. 1. an elderly Māori man. 2. a title of respect for an elderly Māori man.

How do you say goodnight in NZ?

Kia pai tō moe. – Have a good sleep. Pō mārie. – Good night.

What does Paka mean in New Zealand?

Paka. Meaning “bugger.” Used as a term of endearment by Kahu for her great-grandfather.

What does Moe mean in New Zealand?

The Ministry of Education is the Government’s lead advisor on the New Zealand education system. … support teachers, students and their families to raise educational achievement in schools. administer funding for pre-school services, schools and tertiary providers.

What is Koko in Māori?

1. (verb) to soar, fly.

What do Kiwis call their grandparents?

Some examples are: Ancestor/grandparent: tipuna/tupuna, matua tupuna. Grandfather: tipuna matua/tupuna matua, koroua, kauheke, koroheke, koro, koko, karanipā, koeke, korokoroua, pōua.

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How do Kiwis say happy birthday?

Rā Whānau kia koe is the most common way to say ‘happy birthday’ in Te Reo Māori.

How do Kiwis say thank you?

Maori Language Terms

  1. Kia ora – hello, goodbye, thank you.
  2. Haere mai – welcome.
  3. Haere rā – goodbye.
  4. Whānau – family.
  5. Wāhine – woman.
  6. Tāne – man.
  7. Whare – house.
  8. Āe – Yes.

What is Ka kite?

Ka Kite Ano (See you tomorrow)

Why do Kiwis say bro?

Bro: An endearment for a close friend, usually a male. … Funnily it can also be an endearment! Your guide for understanding the way we speak on your New Zealand trip! Eh: Pronounced ‘ay’.

What percentage of NZ are Māori?

New Zealand has a diverse ethnic mix

In 2018, the New Zealand population included: 70.2% European (3,297,860 people) 16.5% Māori (775,840 people) 15.1% Asian (707,600 people)

What does Pakeha mean in New Zealand?

Pakeha, which is a Maori term for the white inhabitants of New Zealand, was in vogue even prior to 1815. Its original meaning and origin are obscure, but the following are possible origins, the first being the most probable: From pakepakeha: imaginary beings resembling men.

What is a Moi in Maori?

moe. More Maori words for sleep.

Do Australians count as domestic students in New Zealand?

Education. Australian and New Zealand citizens and permanent residents are classified as domestic students in New Zealand so only pay local fees, including tertiary education. … New Zealand citizens are eligible to apply for Student Loans or the Student Allowance when they begin studying.

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What is 10th grade in New Zealand?

High School in the United States vs New Zealand

New Zealand Years Age Group USA Grades
Year 9 13 – 14 8th Grade
Year 10 14 – 15 Freshman Year
Year 11 15 – 16 Sophomore Year
Year 12 16 – 17 Junior Year