Which US state is most like Denmark?

Which state is most like Denmark?

Minnesota is a state where many Scandinavian immigrants settled (hence the name for the football team, the Vikings). So in terms of demographics, it’s probably the most similar. Minnesota has a large Lutheran contingent, although the Lutheran church in Denmark is larger.

What US city is most like Copenhagen?

It’s all here in Solvang, a city that’s just a 45-minute drive from Santa Barbara but is Scandinavian from every angle, from its half-timbered Danish Provincial buildings to its replica of Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid sculpture and its own Round Tower, a scaled reproduction of Copenhagen’s identical-but-larger Rundetårn …

What state is closest to Denmark?


STAT Denmark
Area > Comparative to US places slightly less than twice the size of Massachusetts
Population density > People per sq. km 127.65 people/m² Ranked 69th. 4 times more than United States
Elevation extremes > Highest point Mollehoj/Ejer Bavnehoj 171 m
Total area > Sq. km 43,090 Ranked 126th.

How are Denmark and the US similar?

Both countries have an economic system based on free market capitalism, both have a strong attachment to their constitutions and the idea of freedom of speech and religion, and both have a reputation for business and technological innovation.

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Is New York bigger than Denmark?

Denmark is about 2.8 times smaller than New York.

New York is approximately 122,283 sq km, while Denmark is approximately 43,094 sq km, making Denmark 35.24% the size of New York. Meanwhile, the population of New York is ~19.4 million people (13.5 million fewer people live in Denmark).

Is Denmark a good place to live?

Luckily, Denmark is one of the best country for work-life balance, according to a 2019 report from the OECD among other studies. In Denmark, we believe in the multi-faceted, whole human being. … Denmark is an exceptionally well-functioning and family-friendly place to life for many reasons.

What US city is most like Europe?

Five U.S. cities that feel like Europe

  • Boston, Massachusetts – feels like England and Italy. …
  • Leavenworth, Washington – feels like Germany. …
  • Holland, Michigan – feels like Amsterdam. …
  • New Orleans, Louisiana – feels like France. …
  • Solvang, California – Feels like Denmark.

What city in America is most like Europe?

New Orleans, Louisiana

Settled by the French, turned over the the Spaniards, then passing back through French hands before landing in America’s lap, New Orleans might be the most outwardly European city in the States.

Which US city is most European?

Easily one of the most European cities in the US, New Orleans is known for its rich French-Spanish heritage as well as its sweet southern charm.

Where is Denmark in the United States?

Denmark is a town in Lewis County, New York, United States, named after the Kingdom of Denmark in northern Europe. The population was 2,860 at the 2010 census. The town is on the northwestern border of Lewis County and lies east of Watertown.

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Denmark, New York
GNIS feature ID 978896
Website Town of Denmark

Is Greenland part of Denmark?

Home to 56,000 people, Greenland has its own extensive local government, but it is also part of the Realm of Denmark. Despite the distance between Greenland and Denmark – about 3532 km between their capitals – Greenland has been associated with Denmark politically and culturally for a millennium.

What are Denmark people called?


The people of Denmark are known as Danes. They are Nordic Scandinavians, many of which are blond, blue-eyed, and tall. In the southern part of the country, some people have German ancestry. Danes have one of the highest standards of living in the world.

Is living in Denmark better than America?

Measured by GDP per capita, Danish-American living standards are 55% higher than their counterparts in Denmark. The key to the Nordic Model, is, I believe, cultural. A combination of what might be dubbed the ‘Protestant Work Ethic,’ together with an emphasis on individual responsibility, honesty, trust and punctuality.

Does US protect Denmark?

Defense and Security Cooperation: As NATO allies, the United States and Denmark are committed to each other’s security and stand together in critical crisis areas worldwide.

Are Denmark and US allies?

Denmark is a close NATO ally, and relations are described as “excellent”. Denmark is active in Afghanistan and Kosovo as well as a leader in the Baltic region. … Denmark is an active coalition partner in the war on terrorism, and Danish troops are supporting American-led stabilization efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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