Why are rural areas in New Zealand less remote than those in Australia?

Rural areas in New Zealand are not as remote as those in Australia, because New Zealand has a much smaller land area. Lush pasture lands can feed herds of sheep and cattle on fewer acres than much smaller land area. Lush pasture lands can feed herds of sheep and cattle on fewer acres thanthe dry Australian Outback.

How does rural life in Australia differ from rural life in New Zealand?

In the Australian Outback, rural people live close to small towns. Rural life is more isolated in the Australian Outback than it is in New Zealand.

How is New Zealand’s geography different from Australia’s?

The two countries have distinct physical geographies. Australia is relatively flat with low elevation highlands and an extensive dry interior, while New Zealand has high mountains and receives adequate rainfall. The Tropic of Capricorn runs through the middle of Australia.

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Why did the inland areas of Australia what is known as the Outback remain unsettled before the 1880s?

Why did the inland areas of Australia – what is known as the OUtback–remain unsettled before the 1880s? Fares that the railroads charged were far too costly for most settlers. The rail system never went to the inland areas. Only escaping criminals were daring enough to head into the rough Outback.

How are the cultures of Australia and New Zealand different?

The principal language of both countries is English, but don’t assume that similar accents mean they speak the same dialect. Australians are generally more creative in their use of language than New Zealanders, including rhyming slang, lots of sarcasm – and of course plenty of swearing.

What makes New Zealand’s Kiwi different from most other birds?

The kiwi is a unique and curious bird: it cannot fly, has loose, hair-like feathers, strong legs and no tail. Learn more about the kiwi, the national icon of New Zealand and unofficial national emblem. New Zealanders have been called ‘Kiwis’ since the nickname was bestowed by Australian soldiers in the First World War.

Why is New Zealand separate from Australia?

Forty million years later India (with Madagascar) broke away and the Atlantic Ocean opened up, separating Africa from South America. Eighty million years ago, the landmass that was to become New Zealand, broke away from Gondwana, splitting away from Australia and Antarctica as the Tasman Sea opened up.

What different resources do Australia and New Zealand have?

What different resources do Australia and New Zealand have? Australia is a world leading supplier of bauxite, diamonds, opals, lead, and coal. New Zealand has fertile soil and lumber.

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What is the relationship between New Zealand and Australia?

Bilateral relations. Australia and New Zealand are natural allies with a strong trans-Tasman sense of family. Migration, trade and defence ties, keen competition on the sporting field, and strong people-to-people links have helped shape a close and co-operative relationship.

In which of the following ways is New Zealand’s government different from Australia?

New Zealand’s government is different from Australia’s in a way that Nez Zealand does not have a written constitution. The correct answer is C.

How remote is the Outback?

The Outback is a remote, vast, sparsely populated area of Australia. The Outback is more remote than the bush, which includes any location outside the main urban areas. … In Australian art the subject of the Outback has been vogue, particularly in the 1940s.

How has the location of Australia influenced its environment?

Australia has occasionally been subject to ozone holes in the atmosphere. … How has the location of Australia influenced its environment? Australia’s distance and isolation have contributed to the development of unique. animals and plants.

Why is the outback landscape very barren and empty?

Why is the outback’s landscape very barren and empty? They are people that move from place to place. What are nomads? Australia is so far away from every other continent.

Are Kiwis friendlier than Aussies?

That’s according to the 2016 Expat Insider report by InterNations, which surveyed more than 14,000 expats across 67 countries. …

What is a big difference between Australia and New Zealand?

Australia is a huge country, it is even bigger than Europe and there only live about 24 million people. New Zealand is a bit smaller, but still a pretty big country and there only live about 4,7 million people. If you look at population density it is only 3 people per square km in Australia (8 per sq.

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Why is Australia classified as a continent rather than just an island?

At about 3 million square miles (7.7 million square km), Australia is the smallest continent on Earth. … According to Britannica, an island is a mass of land that is both “entirely surrounded by water” and also “smaller than a continent.” By that definition, Australia can’t be an island because it’s already a continent.