Why is New Zealand sun so strong?

New Zealanders are especially susceptible to sunburn. This is due to two factors of our environment: The ozone layer over New Zealand is thinner. Unfortunately, due to decades of man-made gas emissions, the ozone layer over New Zealand has continuously thinned.

Why is the sun more intense in New Zealand?

NZ sun is harsher due to two main factors – firstly the air is clearer here than other countries where smog or pollution can act as a bit of a sun screen. But more importantly, all of the CFCs released into the atmosphere depleted the ozone layer.

Is the sun harsher in New Zealand?

“Our sun in New Zealand is 40 per cent stronger than in the Northern Hemisphere, and we need to remember that,” Dr Galtry said. … “We’re not saying you have to avoid the sun; just be careful of your skin.” Dr Galtry recommends that people wear sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and clothes to cover up.

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What country has the strongest sun?

Australia – where the Sun hits the hardest

  • Look at the bright red spots in the Pacific, mid-Atlantic and Australia where irradiance (the power of solar radiation) is highest.
  • Australia receives much more solar radiation than California or even the Mediterranean famed for its sunny summers and beautiful beaches.

Which country has the strongest UV rays?

Colour palette

Rank Country PAF
1 New Zealand 96.3%
2 Australia 96.1%
3 Norway 92.6%
4 Switzerland 92.0%

Why is New Zealand sun so harsh?

New Zealanders are especially susceptible to sunburn. This is due to two factors of our environment: The ozone layer over New Zealand is thinner. … The ozone layer’s role is to absorb the harmful UV rays that are sent from the sun.

How strong is NZ sun?

The UV Index is a measure of the intensity of UV radiation. The larger the number, the more intense the UV. In New Zealand, its maximum summer value is generally about 12, but it can exceed 13 in the far North.

How bad is UV in New Zealand?

New Zealand has naturally high UV levels compared with similar latitudes. For example, our peak UV levels can be 40 percent higher than peak UV levels in similar North American latitudes (McKenzie et al, 2006). … Our UV levels are not unusually high by global standards.

Why does New Zealand have no ozone layer?

Ozone concentrations measured over New Zealand are not affected directly by the ozone hole, which lies over Antarctica each spring. The ozone hole is an area where the ozone layer is less than 220 DU, caused mostly by ozone-depleting substances emitted by people.

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Why does the sun burn more in Australia?

During summer, the Earth’s orbit brings Australia closer to the sun (as compared to Europe during its summer), resulting in an additional 7% solar UV intensity. Coupled with our clearer atmospheric conditions, this means that Australians are exposed to up to 15% more UV than Europeans.

Why is Hawaii sun so hot?

Due to the Hawaiian Island’s proximity to the equator, the suns rays are much stronger that what you might experience at home. (Unless of course, your home is also near the equator.)

Is the sun stronger in Canada?

The UV Index scale ranges from a low of zero to a high of 11+ in Canada, The highest values occur in southern Ontario, where values of 11, or even 12 on rare occasions, have occurred. The sun’s rays become stronger as you move south, and in the tropics, the index can rise to 14 or higher.

Which country has the lowest UV rays?

In contrast, the safest countries are found in Scandinavia, with Finland boasting the lowest average (2.17) and Sweden (2.25), Norway (2.25) and Denmark (2.67) not far behind.

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# 3
Country Thailand
Average UV Index 11.33
UK visitors in 2019 389,000

Is the sun stronger than it used to be?

According to Scripps Atmospheric Scientist Ray Weiss the answer is no, even though it feels that way. He says it’s not that the sun is stronger, but rather the ozone layer is thinner meaning more UV rays are coming through.

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Is the sun stronger in the UK?

Although 11am to 3pm is when the sun’s UV rays are strongest in the UK, this can differ depending on where in the world you are. Always check the UV index to find out how strong the sun is on any given day.

Does Singapore have high UV?

National Environment Agency (NEA) data shows Singapore experiences high levels of UV radiation year round, averaging six to nine on the daily maximum UV Index.