Your question: Can I take my car from Australia to New Zealand?

Can I take my car to New Zealand? Yes, but first do your homework. There are no restrictions on importing classic cars into NZ, anyone can import a vehicle for off-road use or in a car collection. However, it pays to ensure your car meets the NZ compliance standards; even when shipping car to nz from Australia.

How much does it cost to bring a car from Australia to NZ?

Shipping a Car from Australia to New Zealand Cost:

If you are wondering about shipping a car from Australia to New Zealand cost, it will likely be between $2000 to $5000 AUD.

Is it worth taking car to New Zealand?

From our experience if you have sentimental attachment or your car is worth over $5000, it’s worth looking into. It pays to ensure your car meets the NZ compliance standards; if not, then it’s not worth importing your car to New Zealand, unless its for off road use.

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Is there a car ferry from Australia to New Zealand?

We can ship a car from Australia to New Zealand for you from the Australian ports of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Fremantle to all major ports in New Zealand, as well as roll-on roll-off shipping from all the above ports to Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, and Lyttelton.

How much does it cost to transport a car to New Zealand?

Car Shipping to New Zealand from the USA starts at a cost of $1,550 USD with an estimated turnaround time of 21 days, depending on the make and model of the car and whether the origin in the USA is on the east or west coast.

Can I bring my car to New Zealand?

Keep your rego up to date: You’re fine to drive on New Zealand roads without having to resister the vehicle in New Zealand – just so long as the registration is valid at home and the car or bike remains in the ownership of the person who imported it.

Are cars cheaper in New Zealand than Australia?

The drivability of cities relies on the cost of cars (New Zealand is cheaper than Australia for second-hand vehicles but more expensive for new cars); the cost of running a car (roughly averages out at around $4500 a year in either country) and overcrowding (Australian cities are much busier than Kiwi ones, but their …

Do you need car insurance in New Zealand?

Insurance. It is not compulsory in New Zealand to have car insurance. However, it is recommended that you get third party insurance at least so if you cause an accident, you are covered for any damage you cause to other cars.

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Are cars cheap in New Zealand?

Five to 10-year-old Japanese car imports are among the cheapest in the world, but new cars in New Zealand can be more than $20,000 more than drivers pay in the US. … Such deals are typical of Europe’s cut-price car market, where manufacturers were discounting prices by an average $5000 in May.

Can I buy a car in NZ with an Australian Licence?

Individuals: The only identification you can accept is a New Zealand driver licence. If your buyer doesn’t have a New Zealand driver licence, take them to one of our agents. They’ll need either a passport or a combination of documents that shows their name, date of birth and signature.

How much does it cost to ship a container from Australia to New Zealand?

A 20 ft container door to door Brisbane to Auckland can be under $5,000 or it can be up to $7,000 depending on the packing services needed. A 40 ft container can be around $10,000, you really need to get a custom quote from one of our sales consultants.

Can you get a car ferry to New Zealand?

Travelling between the North and South Islands of New Zealand means crossing the Cook Strait. The only way to do this with a vehicle is by taking a ferry with either the Interislander or Bluebridge which both arrive and depart from Picton and Wellington.