Your question: Is it worth going to Copenhagen in winter?

If you’re nervous about visiting Scandinavia in winter, rest assured that Copenhagen is the pretty much the mildest place you can visit in the region. That said, it can still get quite cold, so you’ll definitely want to pack layers!

Is Copenhagen worth visiting in winter?

The Danes do winter in spectacular ways. Copenhagen in winter is all about things that help you stave off the winter blues. Talk of Christmas markets, canal rides in winter, hot saunas, lots of lights, and much more. While the city will certainly be chilly, the charm here more than makes up for it.

Is Copenhagen fun in winter?

Yes, it’s cold—expect average temps to hover around 36 degrees. And it gets dark around 3 p.m. But bundling up and wandering around the lit streets and markets is part of the fun. And if you’re not sold, don’t discount the power of mulled wine for keeping people warm and happy—there’s a reason it’s everywhere.

Is December a good time to visit Copenhagen?


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But remember, Christmas is another popular time to visit, so you may see a spike in room rates in December. Prices are generally low the rest of the season.

What is winter like in Copenhagen?

Winter (December to February) is cold and the days are short (the sun sets between 3.30pm to 4.30pm in December). In January, the average high is 2°C (36°F) while the average low is -2°C (28°F) in Copenhagen, but in January 1987, the city saw the temperature drop to -18°C (-0.5°F).

Can you see Northern Lights in Copenhagen?

Northern lights of Denmark are considered some of the most colorful in the region with the whole rainbow on display. Theoretically, the aurora borealis is visible year-round; however, the chances are higher during cold and clear nights from September through early April (best between January and early March). …

Is food expensive in Copenhagen?

Food Prices in Copenhagen

Average restaurant prices are high in the Danish capital and if you eat every meal in a sit-down, you will likely leave the city thinking that Copenhagen is an incredibly expensive city. … You can eat a full meal here while spending about €15-20 per person.

How bad is winter in Copenhagen?

Winter in Copenhagen usually lasts for about four months from November to February, with December and January being the coldest months. … Copenhagen does slow down and get quieter in those months, but the Danes are not hibernating – they’re just busy with heartwarming winter activities.

How do people dress in Copenhagen in December?

What to Wear in Copenhagen in Winter

  1. Hats. A very warm hat is a must. …
  2. Mittens. Gloves are great for taking photos or using your hands in general, but mittens are what really keeps your hands warm. …
  3. Scarf. I loved scarves. …
  4. Wool Socks. …
  5. A Very Warm Coat. …
  6. Waterproof Boots (with the fur) …
  7. Long Johns. …
  8. Wool Sweater.
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Is Copenhagen worth visiting in January?

Visiting Copenhagen in winter means less tourist, a bleaker and quiter town in other words a better place to get in touch with locals and a feel for the place (and give you a hankering to return).

Is Copenhagen a walkable city?

Sophisticated, contemporary Copenhagen Back to video

Denmark’s capital is a walkable city with good public transportation and lots of bike paths, so there’s no need for a car if you don’t plan to get out of town. You will need lots of euros since it’s not cheap, but there are several things you can do for free.

Is there snow in Copenhagen in December?

The Copenhagen weather in December is very cold and with snow showers, so wrap up warm for your winter break to Denmark. December to February’s when most snow falls around Copenhagen, with between 20mm to 50mm of wintery showers expected. The city’s surrounded by the Oresund Strait and has the Baltic Sea to the south.

Is Copenhagen good at Christmas?

Christmas in Copenhagen embodies the concept of hygge. It’s a time where locals and visitors enjoy themselves in good company and end their Christmas shopping with the mandatory warm cup of gløgg. … Not only Christmas creates cozy vibes in Copenhagen.

Is Copenhagen colder than London?

The Weather: Let’s face it, Copenhagen is cold – really cold – and whilst London isn’t exactly tropical, there’s a significant difference between the two cities average temperatures, with Copenhagen having a chilly 8 degrees against London’s 11 degrees.

What is the coldest month in Copenhagen?

In July 2018, the temperature reached 31.7 °C (89 °F). The average temperature of the coldest month (January) is of 1.3 °C (34 °F), that of the warmest month (July) is of 18.1 °C (65 °F).

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Why is Denmark so cold?

The climate of Denmark is cold in winter and mild in summer; being influenced by the ocean, it’s not as cold as one might think. In fact, clouds, humidity, rain and wind are predominant.