Your question: What is the relationship between New Zealand and China?

China is New Zealand’s largest trading partner in goods and second largest overall including trade in services. The New Zealand–China Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed in 2008 was China’s first FTA with a developed country.

Is New Zealand an ally of China?

China is New Zealand’s largest trading partner in goods and second largest trading partner in services. … In addition to formal diplomatic and economic relations, there has been significant people–to–people contact between China and New Zealand.

How much does China own in NZ?

Would they be able to withstand the impact?” she asked. China accounts for more than $33bn of New Zealand’s total trade, and nearly 30% of exports.

Who is New Zealand’s biggest ally?

From the latter half of the 20th century, Australia has been New Zealand’s most important cultural, economic and military partner. Today, the country participates in several multilateral political organisations, including Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, the Pacific Community, and the Pacific Islands Forum.

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Is New Zealand trading with China?

China is now New Zealand’s largest trading partner, with two-way trade valued at over NZ$28 billion in 2018. China is also New Zealand’s second largest and fastest growing tourism market, largest source of international students, and a significant source of foreign investment.

What does China import from New Zealand?

New Zealand’s top three imports from China in 2019 were electrical machinery and equipment (including cellphones), mechanical machinery and equipment (including computers), and textiles and textile articles.

China top trade partner for 2019.

Year Trade balance
2017 3,830,000,000
2018 4,430,000,000
2019 6,787,000,000

How many Chinese are in New Zealand?

There were 247,770 people identifying as being part of the Chinese ethnic group at the 2018 New Zealand census, making up 5.3% of New Zealand’s population. This is an increase of 76,359 people (44.5%) since the 2013 census, and an increase of 100,200 people (67.9%) since the 2006 census.

Who owns New Zealand forests?

The Crown owns most native forests. Through the Department of Conservation, it manages about 5.2 million hectares of New Zealand’s tall indigenous forests for the conservation of biodiversity, heritage, and recreation.

Who owns most property in NZ?

The 10 largest freehold landowners in New Zealand are:

  • Roberts and Apatu families (41,296 hectares combined.
  • Michael Spencer (35,942 hectares.
  • Port Blakely Limited (35,889 hectares)
  • Global Forest Partners LLC (33,706 hectares)
  • New Zealand Carbon Farming (28,365 hectares)
  • Wairakei Pastoral Limited (27,634 hectares)

How much of New Zealand is owned by foreigners?

Newton’s investigation reveals that in total 56 percent of New Zealand is privately owned land. Within that 3.3 percent is in foreign hands and 6.7 percent is Maori-owned. At least 28 percent of the entire country is in public ownership, compared with say the UK where only eight percent is public land.

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Are Australia and New Zealand enemies?

They acknowledge two distinct maritime boundaries conclusively delimited by the Australia–New Zealand Maritime Treaty of 2004. In 2017, a major poll showed that New Zealand was considered Australia’s “best friend”, a position previously held by the United States.

Are there any US military bases in New Zealand?

There are two U.S. military bases in N.Z. The largest is at Harewood Airport, Christchurch, where under the cover of the U.S. Antarctic Research Programme, the military maintains a general purpose Naval depot, an Air Force Military Airlift Command Base, and a Naval Communications Unit (part of which is situated at …

What is New Zealand religion?

New Zealand is nominally Christian, with Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Presbyterian denominations being the largest. Other Protestant sects and Māori adaptations of Christianity (the Rātana and Ringatū churches) constitute the remainder of the Christian population.

Who is China’s largest importer?

Searchable Datalist of Countries Consuming China’s Exports

Rank Importer Exports from China (US$)
1. United States $452,576,771,000
2. Hong Kong $272,658,016,000
3. Japan $142,641,690,000
4. Vietnam $113,813,694,000

Does NZ import pork from China?

Each year New Zealand imports pork from a range of countries including Belgium, Poland, China, and Estonia, and the Philippines all of which have ASF. … “Our farms produce some of the best pork in the world and the industry is worth $750 million per year.

Does New Zealand import food from China?

In 2019, the top partner countries from which New Zealand Imports Food Products include Australia, United States, Indonesia, Singapore and China.

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