Are A levels accepted in Sweden?

Our college laboratories are equipped up to Cambridge academic standard. The fact that all Swedish universities and high schools accept A-levels enables us to offer you an individual plan of studies that focuses primarily on the courses leading towards Advanced Level examinations.

Do Swedish universities accept A levels?

Completion of secondary education at advanced level, equivalent to passing the exam at the end of Swedish upper secondary school, is the basic requirement for entry to Swedish universities and university colleges. … For example, Lund University’ BSc in Geography requires maths, physics, chemistry and biology at A level.

What are A levels equivalent to in Sweden?


A-level 1997-2013 Comparable offer 2014 onwards Comparable offer
AAB MVG 18.5
BBB VG 17.5

What are the requirements to study in Sweden?

Requirements to study in Sweden

  • The student must have graduated high school with 60% marks and must have completed the age of 18 before enrolling in a degree program.
  • Prove your English proficiency: The English language general requirements are studies that are equivalent to Swedish upper secondary English Course 6.
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Can UK students study in Sweden?

If you’ve completed studies in the UK and wish to apply for an assessment of your education in Sweden, you must have a valid residence permit and work permit in Sweden. You can find out more about what applies to you as a citizen of a country outside the EU/EES here at this website.

What is the Swedish equivalent of GCSE?

Your application will be considered if you have undertaken the Avgångsbetyg/Slutbetyg Fran Grundskola in Chemistry, English, Swedish, Mathematics and Biology and passed at grade 3 or better. This would be considered as equivalent to GCSE examinations.

Can I study in Sweden without knowing Swedish?

So in one word – No! You don’t really have to know Swedish to come to study or even work in Sweden. But why not take this opportunity to learn the language and improve your communication skills.

Are UK degrees Recognised in Sweden?

Sweden recognises educational qualifications from the other Nordic countries. … If you have an upper secondary qualification in another Nordic country, you can apply for a higher education programme in Sweden on the same terms as students with a diploma from a Swedish upper secondary programme.

What is the average education level in Sweden?

While some 91% of 24-35 year-olds have attained at least an upper secondary education (the OECD average is 82%), 77% of 55-64 year-olds in Sweden have attained this level of education – which is 15 percentage points more than the OECD average (Table A1. 2a.).

How many grades are there in Sweden?

Pupils can have either 16 or 17 grades depending on if they take an additional language course on top of the 16 compulsory subjects. Pupils who don’t study any foreign language or instead study extra Swedish or English will only have 16 grades and cannot receive a score higher than 320.

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Can I get 6 band admission in Sweden?

You may require 2 to 4 months of preparation before the exam date. Required scores: on paper-based TOEFL, at least 550 or through internet-based TOEFL at least 173. For IELTS a score of at least 6 bands is required.

Is it hard to get into Swedish universities?

The Swedish universities are generally rather easy to get into as long as you don’t pick the most popular course. It tends to be a huge gap in the entry requirements between the most popular and the rest.

Is studying in Sweden good?

Higher education in Sweden is among the best in the world. The Nordic country has an excellent system, which places more emphasis on group and independent study rather than lectures. Freedom and responsibility are the key values that support the development of students.

Is Swedish university free for UK students?

If you’re from an EU/EEA/Nordic country or Switzerland, you won’t incur any tuition fees studying in Sweden. You’ll only be required to pay a students’ union fee, which varies between 50 and 350 SEK (around £4 to £29) per semester. It’s important to factor in living costs to your budget.

Is Uni free in Sweden?

Tuition fees at Swedish universities

Most universities in Sweden are public and Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes are free for EU/EEA & Switzerland citizens. As for PhD programmes, they are free for all students, regardless of their country of origin.

Why choose to study in Sweden?

Studying in Sweden is different from studying in other countries because Swedish universities have an open climate with a strong focus on group work. The Swedish education system focuses more on your academic interests than pushing you to achieve a grade. … The education system in Sweden is student-centric.

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