How do I know my Lycamobile number in Denmark?

Once you’ve inserted your new Lycamobile-SIM, you can view the number by dialling *132# (or 97#). The number will also be available on the SIM packaging.

How do I find my Lycamobile number Denmark?

Once you’ ve inserted your new Lycamobile SIM, you can view your number by dialling *132# (or 97#).

How do I find out my Lyca number?

Where can I find my Lycamobile number? Once you’ve inserted your new Lycamobile SIM, you can view your number by dialing * 132 # (or 97 #).

How do I know my Lycamobile number is active?

How do I check if a plan is active on my Lycamobile? Please remember that you can always dial *137# to check your balance and allowance details on your Lycamobile account.

How do I find my Lyca Sim Iccid number?

This is the last 6 digits from the long number on the back of your SIM card. The numbers on your SIM card will be listed under ICCID.

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How can I activate my Lycamobile SIM in Denmark?

To activate your SIM simply insert it into your mobile phone and an SMS will arrive with a temporary number. You can then use this temporary number while we process your number port.

How can I activate my Lycamobile SIM card?

How to register and activate your FREE SIM card?

  1. Insert your SIM card.
  2. Enter your new Lycamobile number or PUK code along with the 4-digit ICCID found on your SIM pack.
  3. Click the ‘Continue’ button and fill in your personal details.
  4. Verify your details and submit the form.

How can I check my number?

Check Your Phone Settings

On Android the most common path to finding your number is: Settings > About phone/device > Status/phone identity > Network. This slightly differs on Apple devices, where you can follow the path of Settings > Phone > My Number.

What is the top up number for Lycamobile?

You can top-up using a debit or credit card online; alternatively, you can top-up over the phone by calling us on 373 or 322 from your Lycamobile. After your card has been registered, you can simply dial 321 and use our Interactive Voice Response to top-up over the phone using your credit or debit card.

What is the SIM number?

Find My SIM Card Number on an Android

Go to Settings > About Phone > Status, then scroll down and locate the ICCID (SIM Card) number.

Why is my Lyca number not working?

A. Find an option called Lycamobile Services or Lyca Services on your phone. This will likely be found somewhere in your settings folder, under ‘Tools’, ‘SIM’ or among the apps. B.

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How can I activate my old Lycamobile number?

To activate your Lycamobile SIM, please insert your Lycamobile SIM card into your mobile device and turn on the device. If your SIM is not active, please dial 622 and enter your zip code from your device when prompted. You should be all set.

How do I keep my Lycamobile number active?

Normally we will keep your number for 120 days if you do not use our service. However, you may also keep your Lycamobile number for up to 1 year without using our service. Just dial *139*9999# from your Lycamobile and follow the instructions on the screen.

How can I know my smart SIM number?

Dial *121# (For Smart Only)

Just dial *121# and select Balance/Services and then Check Balance. It will then show your Smart mobile number and your available load balance.

How do I check my CITC SIM card?


  1. Visit the CITC website: “”
  2. Select the English language from the top of the menu Check below Image.
  4. Enter the IMAGE CODE and then press on SEARCH.