How many islands are in the Danish province?

There are about 406 islands in Denmark, not including the Faroe Islands or Greenland. Some 70 of them are populated while the rest are uninhabited.

How many islands does Denmark have?

Denmark consists of the peninsula of Jutland and 1,419 islands; 443 of which have been named and of which 78 are inhabited (2013).

Does Denmark have about 400 islands?

Quick facts about Denmark’s 400 islands

Denmark has 4,545 miles (7,314 kilometres) of coastline and is home to more than 400 islands. However, out of the 406 Danish islands scattered in the Kattegat Sea and the Baltic Sea, only 72 are inhabited.

How many islands are in the Faroes?

Faroe Islands, also spelled Faeroe Islands, Faroese Føroyar, Danish Færøerne, group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and the Shetland Islands. They form a self-governing overseas administrative division of the kingdom of Denmark. There are 17 inhabited islands and many islets and reefs.

What is the smallest island in Denmark?

Venø is a small Danish island located in Limfjorden in the north of Jutland, 3 kilometres (2 miles) north of Struer. It is 7.5 kilometres (4.7 miles) long and has a maximum width of 1.5 kilometres (0.9 miles).


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Population 204 (2015)
Pop. density 30.3/km2 (78.5/sq mi)

What are the 3 islands of Denmark?

List of 100 largest Danish islands

Rank Island’s name Population (1 January 2013)
1 Zealand 2,208,348
2 North Jutlandic Island (Vendsyssel-Thy) 297 886
3 Funen 456,128
4 Lolland 62,578

How many islands does the UK have?

British Isles

show Other native names
Coordinates 54°N 4°WCoordinates: 54°N 4°W
Adjacent bodies of water Atlantic Ocean
Total islands 6,000+
Area 315,159 km2 (121,684 sq mi)

What are Denmark people called?


The people of Denmark are known as Danes. They are Nordic Scandinavians, many of which are blond, blue-eyed, and tall. In the southern part of the country, some people have German ancestry. Danes have one of the highest standards of living in the world.

Does Denmark have a royal family?

The Danish monarchy is a popular institution in Denmark and is one of the oldest in the world. The current monarch, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II, can trace her lineage back to the first Viking kings of Denmark over 1000 years ago!

What is Denmark called in Danish?

The etymology of the name Denmark (Danish: Danmark), and especially the relationship between Danes and Denmark and the unifying of Denmark as a single kingdom, is a subject which attracts some debate.

Is Faroe Island a rich country?

Faroe Islands is ranked among the highest in the world based on GDP per capita. From 1998 to 2015 the Faroese GDP has more doubled from 7.4 billion DDK to 16.7 billion DDK. The Faroese economy has performed comparatively well over the last years in a time dominated by the global financial crisis.

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What country owns the Faroe Islands?

The Faroe Islands are a self-governing nation under the external sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Is Faroe Islands part of UK?

Between 1035 and 1814, the Faroes were part of the hereditary Kingdom of Norway. An 1814 treaty granted Denmark control of the Islands (together with Greenland and Iceland). The Faroe Islands are a self-governing nation within the Kingdom of Denmark.

What do you call a group of Danish islands?

We found 1 solutions for Group Of Danish Islands. . The most likely answer for the clue is FAROE.

Is Greenland part of Denmark?

Home to 56,000 people, Greenland has its own extensive local government, but it is also part of the Realm of Denmark. Despite the distance between Greenland and Denmark – about 3532 km between their capitals – Greenland has been associated with Denmark politically and culturally for a millennium.

What island does Denmark own?

Greenland. Greenland, part of the Kingdom of Denmark, is the world’s largest island.