How many people buy online in Sweden?

With 8.7 million people having access to the internet in Sweden (94 percent of the population) you would expect the eCommerce industry to be strong. It is, plus it is growing. eCommerce was worth €11.5 billion in 2017 which is up nine percent on the year before.

How many people shop online in Sweden?

An average of 66% of the Swedish population shops online every month, making it the highest of the Nordic countries – 3.6 million consumers.

What people buy online in Sweden?

Well-known international web shops, such as Wish, eBay and Amazon were used by two percent of people, each. E-commerce is gaining popularity among Swedish consumers.

Most purchased product categories online in Sweden in 2020.

Characteristic Share of respondents
Books & media 25%
Home electronics 23%
Consumables 12%

Do Swedes shop online?

In 2015, 78 percent of internet users in Sweden shopped online. A newer study shows that it’s expected that over 84 percent of online Swedes will shop online in 2019. … A siginficant 33 percent of consumers like to pay this way.

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What is the equivalent of Amazon in Sweden?

Customers in Sweden can start shopping on today, with low prices on more than 150 million products across more than 30 categories and reliable, free delivery on eligible orders above SEK 229 that are fulfilled by Amazon.

Which country buy online most?

Digital buyers from Generation X actually make 20% more online purchases than their younger counterparts.

Surprisingly, this more than doubles that of renowned ecommerce giant, China.

Rank Country % of Salary Spent Online
#1 China 19.34%
#2 Mexico 17.31%
#3 Indonesia 12.66%
#4 United Kingdom 11.14%

What products are made in Sweden?

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  • Cheap Monday. Swedish fashion become synonymous with this rock inspired, old school brand in recent years. …
  • Acne Jeans. Acne Jeans is slightly older than Cheap Monday, and another popular fashion export out of Sweden. …
  • Hasselblad camera. …
  • Koenigsegg. …
  • Filippa K. …
  • WESC. …
  • Absolut Vodka. …
  • Husqvarna.

Where do Swedish people shop online?

The top 10 most popular websites (by traffic) are:,,,,,,,,, Online shoppers in Sweden also like using their phones. In fact, over 35 percent of consumers in Sweden make purchases online using their mobile phone.

What does Sweden export?

Top 10

  • Machinery including computers: US$24.5 billion (15.7% of total exports)
  • Vehicles : $21.3 billion (13.7%)
  • Electrical machinery, equipment: $15.4 billion (9.9%)
  • Pharmaceuticals: $11.6 billion (7.5%)
  • Paper, paper items: $8.4 billion (5.4%)
  • Mineral fuels including oil: $7.6 billion (4.9%)

What is Sweden famous for shopping?

Best Unique Souvenirs to Bring Home from Sweden

  • Dala Horse Souvenir.
  • Swedish Sami Lapland Jewelry.
  • Swedish Slotts Mustard.
  • Swedish Candy Cane souvenir.
  • Swedish Candlesticks, a Hygge Souvenir.
  • Chockladboll Souvenir.
  • Smoked Reindeer Meat.
  • Swedish Christmas Ornaments.
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Is Ebay available in Sweden?

When looking at what Borderlinx customers from Sweden buy online, is one of Sweden’s favorite overseas retailer, and for good reason. is the largest marketplace in the world with millions of products for sale everday and, thanks to Borderlinx, you can now ship it all to Sweden.

What stores do they have in Sweden?

Here is a quick list of some of the other supermarkets and convenience stores in Sweden:

  • 7-Eleven – convenience store.
  • Pressbyrån – convenience store.
  • City Gross – hypermarket.
  • Lidl – discount store.
  • Willy’s – discount store.

Which is the largest company in Sweden that sends packages to E retailers? came first in this list with a rank of 15,296 and it was followed by and In the first quarter of 2018, 71 percent of the interviewed Swedish consumers shared that the right product selection was the reason why they repeated their purchases in web-shops.

Why Amazon does not ship to Finland?

Even after you set up your 1-Click address (see Method #1 above), Amazon still won’t ship a lot of items to you in Finland, because they only ship them within the United States. It’s notoriously difficult to buy electronics from in Finland, but even harmless items like books can be hard to get, too.

Does Amazon deliver Sweden?

Home delivery is available on both Standard and Expedited Delivery Option. … To receive your items at home, you do not have to change anything that you are currently doing. Simply shop on our website and continue to checkout to place the order.

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