Is Thor a popular name in Sweden?

Thor. Thor, or Tor, is a popular male name in Sweden, thanks to its links with the Norse God of Thunder and Lighting.

How common is the name Thor in Sweden?

Name Count per Country (What’s this?)

Country Male ♂
as main name#
Norway 7322
Denmark 3822
Sweden 1484

Is Thor a real name in Sweden?

Scandinavian (mainly Swedish): from a personal name, a short form of any of the various Scandinavian personal names containing the first element Thor (Old Norse þórr), the name of the god of thunder in Scandinavian mythology.

What is the most popular name in Sweden?

In 2020, Lars was the most popular name, with roughly 83.4 thousand persons having the name. Mikael (roughly 80 thousand) and Anders (approximately 77 thousand) were the second and third most common male names in Sweden as of December 2020.

Is Thor common name?

Second, we’re living in the age of bold baby names. Maverick, King, and Messiah all rank in the current US Top 250. Big, bold names are more common in general, and Thor specifically has risen in use. Now factor in your family ties, and there’s good reason to consider giving this super-charged name to your son.

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Is Thor a Viking name?

The Germanic god Thor (Old Norse: Þórr) is referred to by many names in Old Norse poetry and literature. Some of the names come from the Prose Edda list Nafnaþulur, and are not attested elsewhere, while other names are well attested throughout the sources of Norse mythology.

What kind of name is Thor?

Thor is a Norse name and derived from the Germanic god of Thunder, Thor.

Is Thor a common Norwegian name?

The data come from Statistics Norway, Statistisk sentralbyrå. The table below lists names alphabetically.

100 Most Popular Male Names in Norway.

87. Alexander 59. Alf 19. Anders
41. Steinar 33. Stian 66. Stig
9. Svein 53. Sverre 14. Terje
16. Thomas 76. Thor 31. Tom
71. Tommy 12. Tor 85. Torbjørn

Is Thor Norwegian or Swedish?

Thor. Probably the best known of the Norse Gods, thanks in no small part to Marvel basing a superhero on him, Thor, the God of Thunder, is the son of Odin and Jörð and the husband of the Goddess Sif. He is physically the strongest of the Æsir and has fierce eyes, red hair and a full beard.

What does Thor stand for?


Acronym Definition
THoR Technology for Highly Oriented Research
THoR The Health Occupation Reporting Network
THoR Tiered Hierarchy Overlayed Research
THoR Targeted High-Output Responder (non-lethal military weapon)

What is a good Swedish name?

Popular names in Sweden for 2020 were led by Alice and Noah. Along with Alice, other top names for girls in Sweden include Maja, Elsa, Astrid, and Wilma. Along with Noah, other popular boy names in Sweden include William, Hugo, Lucas, and Liam.

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Do Swedish have middle names?

A common “rule” in the US is that names generally follow the pattern: FIRST-MIDDLE-LAST. That is, a person has a first name, a middle name and a last name (surname). … There is no special rule about first and middle names in Sweden. You can have one, two or even three or four given names.

What is the most popular Swedish girl name?

What is the most popular female name in Sweden? The far most popular female name is Anna, with over 100 thousand girls and women bearing the name in 2020. Eva (roughly 85.4 thousand) and Maria (approximately 85.2 thousand) were the second and third most common female names in Sweden as of December 2020.

How tall is Thor?

The mighty Thor, Prince of Asgard and one of the key Avengers, is a mighty 6 feet, 6 inches in the comics.